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  1. tRungz

    40th hour without Coke - Nightmare

    BRo i thought you were hooked on ripping lines LOL then like shit you were talking about soda lol] man thats sick keep it up. about 5 years ago i was sitting about 120kg hopeless and restless. I said fuck it and got to work. I remember cutting out the soft drinks. It sucked major dick. But i...
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    Are these prices up to date? Also I would like to work with you, how can I do that? pm'd
  3. tRungz

    Hello alll the damn way in Sydney.

    Sgoin onnn my dude, anything interesting?
  4. tRungz

    Do any your irl friend market online?

    Same a lot of buddies been trying to do the whole dropshipping thing and have been at it hard out for months. ROI 109 likes and 3 shares lol
  5. tRungz

    Hello alll the damn way in Sydney.

    well shit , a buddy of mine told me I should check out this movie called black hat and look what I stumble across lol.. I’ve been looking for a community like this for a dam long time. Anyway sup I go by a handleful of aliases Online. Been a web developer for about 6 years 3 of which are...