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    Urgent PHP DEVELOPER Needed!

    Looks like no one is up for the job? If you are willing to hire an intern since I don't have much experience let me know. I am currently limited to PHP, MySQL and Javascript. But I do learn fast so let me know if you're up to it. Thanks.
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    Designer require to make landing page

    I'm looking to sell my OptimizePress account. Let me know if you want it installed in your Wordpress site. Thanks.
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    Mass Email Senders

    Is anyone in this thread interested in an emailing service that has 100% success rate? I would be interested in building a partnership in return for my service. I'm talking about bulk emails per day on a 100% success rate.
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    Someone to handle 10 G+ and Twitter Accounts

    I need a new guy to do this for me.
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    Someone to handle 10 G+ and Twitter Accounts

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can handle 10 Google + accounts and 10 Twitter accounts on a daily basis. Your task would include the following: - maintain the accounts - create well written post/tweets everyday, 6 days a week - interact with other users and - make sure you get more friends...
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    10,000 guaranteed human visitors for $4.50!

    tran117 has expressed his feedback and thinks that this is a fake sale but some are still buying. do they actually read the thread comments? so where is the seller now?
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    I need about 50+ travel links.

    Well, if you mean $20/year per link I have 75 travel links to offer.
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    Native english speaking? Click here and make some money!

    Having no problems with correcting English grammer here. Will wait for your PM.
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    Needing 30 US Numbers to be Redirected to 1 Phone number

    No takers for this one? We need phone numbers ASAP.
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    Needing 30 US Numbers to be Redirected to 1 Phone number

    Hello, I need someone who can provide me US phone numbers (can be from any state) which can be redirected to 1 phone number. Please email me at carlodalid at gmail dot com with your offers. We need this one ASAP. Thanks.
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    Looking for investors for small business

    Can you email me more specific details? I'd like to invest an amount too considering that it will give good returns. Email me at carlodalid at gmail dot com. Thanks.
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    [WTH]Forum Finder and Forum sign up that allows Signature links

    Hello, I need someone who can find forums that allow signature links (most of these forums are vbulletin forums). If you have a list of forums with the following niche and they allow signature links, much better. Health - 10 forums Health and Fitness - 10 forums Beauty Tips and Makeup Tips -...
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    100 Phone Numbers from 100 Different US Cities

    No takers for this? Still looking. Change of needs. It can be not entirely different cities. We just need 100 phone numbers which is US based.
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    100 Phone Numbers from 100 Different US Cities

    yes i am.. why is that bannedfree? are you also from the philippines?
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    100 Phone Numbers from 100 Different US Cities

    Any takes for this one?
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    100 Phone Numbers from 100 Different US Cities

    Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend a good call forwarding service? Or anyone or company that could accept phone calls to verify 100 different accounts? Phone number should be in US only and should be from 100 different cities. PM me your offers or recommendations please.
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    Urgently need an Ebay account with 15+ feedbacks

    Please send me your offers! Thanks!
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    Quality Forum Poster - Need 300 posts done in 5 days.

    Hi, I'm in need of a quality forum poster. I don't need forum posters who writes 1 liner post. I need poster (1)who writes a minimum of 2 to 3 lines of post and (2) writes relevant posts on threads. If you cannot do this given the time frame then don't bother sending PM. I can pay $.15...
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    Need someone with US IP

    Much better if you are really in the US. Not just a US IP. Sorry about that.