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    Amazon Seller question: If you get TWO negative reviews, you are GONE

    I was preparing for Amazon listing on and reading tutorials where it is mentioned that if Order defect rate(ODR) is more than 1% account will be suspended. This is a big bummer as 1% is too low which means just 2 negative reviews out of 100 will put you out of business. I would like...
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    Pleasant Surprise: I found over $300 ETH in my old wallet

    Back in 2019-20, I used to receive crypto payments on one of my wallet. Then they asked to verify the account which I didn't want to so I left the account. It had few ETH which was less than withdrawal fees so I let it go by. I completely forgot about it. Today , I logged into my wallet again...
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    Can we use Youtube Videos to take original product images for Amazon affiliate site?

    As per new Google update, it want us to use Original product images so it can make sure that the product reviewer actually used the product. As it's not possible to buy and use every product we review, how are you coping with new Google update and sourcing images? My idea is to take images...
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    Can we use two vendors for Amazon affiliate site?

    As per new Google update, Google wants webmasters to use multiple vendors, not just Amazon like: walmart, target etc. But I read in Amazon terms that we can't use other vendors on the page where we are linking to Amazon. I did a research and found many sites using multiple vendors so I am...
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    What to do if world does not amuse you anymore?

    Be it Money, family, travel, materialism, nothing amuses me, nothing makes me happy. Although I earn a decent amt .of money, it does not give even a bit of joy. I feel like leaving my home, go to Jungle , make a cave and find the real truth which is within me i.e self realisation.
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    Looking for Experienced Native English writer/editor - details inside

    I am in a process of hiring a native writer. Looking for someone who can rate the articles written by other writers and provide Grades/recommendation. So process goes like this: * I'll send you articles written by various writers. * You need to read them, write few lines why they are good or...
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    Raj kesu Got banned?

    Just noticed he got banned. No reason mentioned on his profile.
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    Do you edit each article to create anchor text opportunities for internal links?

    Do you edit each article to create anchor text opportunities for internal links? I am finding it difficult to find exact match or even partial match anchor text for each relevant article for internal linking How do you do it?
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    BHW is going down - Please save it

    Have a look at the following screenshot: Currently 829 members online. This number used to be over 1200-1300 last year. So members are 30-40% down. It is because 100's of members get banned every month. Even though new members are joining, because ACTIVE & OLD members got banned due to one...
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    How many review articles are enough?

    I am working on few Amazon affiliate sites. I am wondering if the avg. Product price is 50 to 100 dollars, how many review/best articles are required to earn $300 per month per site? Secondly, what is your ratio of review articles and informative articles.
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    Do Quora Backlinks not show in AHREF or Search console?

    I posted couple of answers along with my site link 2 months ago but it still not showing in SC nor on ahref. Although the question is indexed in google and showing in top 5. So it does not have no index tag or something. In normal case, Google should index my backlink when the quora is...
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    Hiring VA for SEO & Site Management

    Title says it all Looking for an experience VA on a long term basis. Paying $1.5/hr Must be experienced. If I like the work, may hire for part time/full time basis. Please PM if interested.
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    PREMIUM GUEST POSTING SERVICE PBN’s do work but don’t work as good as they used to be. If you are looking to rank your site in Google, then you need to link with sites that have BOTH Authority & High Traffic. Both these metrics are the REAL way to find a real site that you want to link to...
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    Is getting 5-10% Plagiarism in Quetext Normal?

    As it's normal to match some phrases across the internet, is 5-10% results in Quetext Normal? How do you go around when it comes to checking your writers content in quetext? What is your benchmark? Thanks in advance
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    Need someone who is good in Photoshop

    Title says it all. If interested, please PM with your skype. Thanks
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    Does Quetext takes long time to check Plagiarism?

    I just used Quetext to check Plagiarism on 800 words article. It took about 4 minutes to finish. Is it normal? Back in the days when I used to use Copyscape, it would check in seconds. Anyone can through some light on it?
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    Looking for Experienced Native English Writer

    Looking for Native Writer who can review and rate some articles written by other writers. If you are interested, please PM or post here along with your skype, thanks
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    2checkout Worst Decision EVER

    So 2checkout decided to integrate with paypal, instead of taking payments independently. Now if we choose 2checkout as payment option, we are taken to paypal where we are forced to login with paypal. If not, we are given a choice to pay with credit card but here comes the catch: Even if we...
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    To all Writers: How many words do you usually write per hr?

    I am going to hire a full time writer for Amazon affiliate site. I need to know from established writers how many words of researched content do you produce per hr ? Thanks in advance
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    Amazon Affiliate Site Question: Does using expired domain depreciates site value when I try to sell?

    I am going to start two Amazon affiliate site. My main purpose is to flip them once they have generate enough revenue. I am in a fix weather to use expired domain or new domain as I have heard that using expired domain lowers the site value when trying to flip/sell. Is it true? Awaiting your...