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    Instagram on Pc

    Is your PC a potato? What processor do you have? I have no problem using IG on Bluestacks, i7 930 which is a 6 year old proc.
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    Instagram is switching its feed from chronological to best posts first

    This impacts small niche and small business. I've had pages for small business / clothing brands that had 16-25k reach with 50-500 engagement per post drop to 5-6k reach and 5-50 likes, maybe 100+ on a really good post that use to hit 500+. In terms of brand awareness, there's a high % of...
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    how to Logging in and out multiple accounts on same device..??

    Search the forums there's an APK pack of Instagram clones that you can run. Limited in features because it uses an older version of Instagram. I have the original Instagram and Instwogram for my personal and branded accounts.
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    Best WP Plugins For FB Clickbait?

    Just as the title asks, what are the best recommended WP plugins or code to use when setting up a WordPress site for clickbait? I am actually staying as white hat as possible with this hyper local niche and will be focusing on content aggregation... But I also want the likes, shares, comments...
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    Willing to Give Facebook Advice

    I post original content frequently but it seems like no one ever likes/shares/comments. This is a page I created back in 2009 and recently started putting in an effort to revamp the brand and connect with users. The only way I've been able to get high engagement is to take a photo of someone...
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    New Reddit Upvote Club on Skype

    I haven't gotten a response from OP or a number of people that have recently responded to this thread. If I could 1 star this thread I would.
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    (JOIN) BHW Reddit upvote Skype Group new 2015

    Sent a PM, 2 of the other threads I responded to no response I assume they're dead.
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    A good provider for subscribers [Youtube]

    I would like to get my username/url address before I go ham with video content. :/
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    Reddit Upvote Group

    Sent a pm with some details, hope I can join you guys. :)
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    Instagram Panel for Resellers Automatic Instagram Likes Custom & Builtin Comments

    Hello I am interested in your services would like to check out the panel.
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    I just checked... nope still stuck with 1:1 ratio anyway to get this cloned with 7.8.0 release?
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    The latest 7.8.0 release of Instagram now supports uploading images that aren't 1:1 aspect ratio, does this clone app support the new aspect ratio like 16:9?
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    Is there a Google+ Autofollow Bot or other helpful software ?

    That would be nice, perhaps a browser based app that notifies you and allows you to bulk "circle" back people.
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    YouTube New Comment System Discussion!

    Create fake gmail accounts, have them create G+ accounts under fake names, comment on targeted comment, thumbs up, spam links. EZ game EZ Lyfe.
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    How Effective Google +1 ?

    I was confused about that too but assumed he was trying to do something with G+ beyond just the button. Does he mean the button makes his page load slower? I don't think that would be much of a factor unless his page is taking 15 seconds to load :S
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    How Effective Google +1 ?

    Watched Whiteboard Friday last weekend and they point out that G+ results are starting to show up in SERPS with some sort of time decay. That doesn't sound very useful amongst your friends but if you're building a following/influence with a brand it could be beneficial. Basically, shared items...
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    Parents have asked me to do SEO for their business, I'm struggling on what to do

    Focus on Local Search. Make sure your parents business is registered on Yelp, authenticate it, do the same on Google+ Business Pages. Use Google Map Maker to correct positioning and contact information. MAKE SURE the address, phone number, and contact information are in the footer of their...
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    100 Best Free SEO Tools for Every Challenge - For Newbie Marketer's

    If my memory serves me correctly there was a list floating around BHW similar to this a couple years back. Thanks for sharing this list, there's a few that I have not heard about before.
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    What to use while doing SEO http:// or www ?

    About 3 years ago I switched a lot of my sites over to WordPress Mu networks. The downside to this was the fact that WordPress follows the no-www org movement. This didn't seem like much of an issue -BUT AT THE TIME- I noticed a few of the sites in the SERPS bounce all over the place! 2...
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    Where do you get your images for your blog?

    Everyone that's talking about using images off of random image search engines... Be careful, Getty Images will send you a cease and desist if you pick up one of their images... That's a core piece of their business... Suing innocent bloggers. Their spiders crawl the internet to find their...