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  1. Iamtheman

    Looking for a Ahrefs Agency Account !

    Hello I am looking for an Ahrefs Agency user Account ( I need the agency feature but I don't what to pay 832$ ), I will pay monthly for that. I tired some sellers, but they mostly have lots of terms. I am actually looking for a web version so that I am login from a web browser. Anyone can help...
  2. Iamtheman

    Suggestion for UK Non Residence Company Tax Return

    Hello Guys Last Year I created a UK Non-Residence company LTD. This company not trading. So, basically its 0 tax return. I want to know if i can submit tax return my self from outside of the UK or better to hire an accountant company for that or if you have any good suggestions for me. Thanks...
  3. Iamtheman

    PayPal Scamming ? They Took Away 211k USD from my account

    Hello Guys I need suggestions from your guys. PayPal removed 211k USD from our real Paypal account after 6 months of hold because of violating their terms or privacy policy. What do i need to do now? Memo $211,974.42 USD;PayPal Posting Date:Mar 5, 2020; Payment to Paypal;Damages caused to...
  4. Iamtheman

    Any Good Accountant ?

    Hello Recently PayPal asking for - Profit and loss accounts - Management accounts Anyone have any idea, how to make this? I have no idea about this at all.
  5. Iamtheman

    WTB - Forum Quality Posting

    Hi there I am looking for High Quality Forum Posting. High Quality Mean, forum must be active and have much visitor and active members. Please send me your offer. Ready to pay good price if quality. Regards
  6. Iamtheman

    Looking for a website desinger/developer

    Hi there We are looking for a website designer and developer, able to design the website with live animated & illustration images. Note: You must be able to handle design and development. You must Expert in HTML, Wordpress and PHP. I prefer if you have a team Regards
  7. Iamtheman

    Content Writer

    Hi there We are looking for a Native Content writer for our websites. Make sure you are Jr VIP and got enough experience as a writer. I am not interested to hire someone new here. I don't want to buy from any thread as i think, they are busy people. Regards
  8. Iamtheman

    [ Giveaways ] Say Happy Birthday and get 1000 Instagram Likes

    Hi Happy Birthday to my BHW account :D .Its 3rd year of my BHW account. In this 3 year, I learn many things from BHW, got many clients for my business and earn much money. Thanks to mr Diamond Damien for created an awesome panel like this and Thanks to Mrs Apricot For your good support that you...
  9. Iamtheman

    Looking for a Experience SEO Company

    Hi I am looking for an Experience Seo company for my amazon affiliate marketing site. I am tired of several companies and i didn't get enough results from them. I have enough budget and my each KW are medium competitive. Please PM me your contact details if you think if your company right for...
  10. Iamtheman

    Looking for a Experience Coder ( Able to pay good money )

    Hi I am looking for a coder able to create a great affiliate program and a CRM system on my website. Money not a problem but need experience and reputed person. Regards
  11. Iamtheman

    Looking for a telegram bot

    Hi I am looking for Telegram bot for send bulk member on Channel and increase post views etc. Able to pay Good Price if bot is good. Thanks
  12. Iamtheman

    [ Giveaways ] Instant Instagram Video Views

    Hi I am back with new giveaways. Today i am offering 1000 Instagram Video views to 20 VIP Members on BHW Post below that you are interested to get this offer and then send me your video link. Note : This offer only for VIP member.
  13. Iamtheman

    [WTB] Niche Relevant Blog Comment

    Hi I am looking for Niche Relevant Blog commenting service. Need 100% Unique domain and PR at least 2 ( More then 2 is better ). Please PM me price and your skype ID if you able to provide. Thanks
  14. Iamtheman

    Payoneer made a big changes ?

    Hi I see on my account, I can send payment with out put my card number, password or date of birth. Its took 5 min to add to payment to my client account. Its look like they its time to leave paypal. Its really good for me and for my country people. Also i have now 3 bank account on my account...
  15. Iamtheman

    How to Find a KC for a Keyword

    Hi Longtailpro offer this feature. Is there any other tools also offer KC for any Keyword ?
  16. Iamtheman

    Need a USA Content Writer for my social media blog

    Hi I am looking for a Writer From USA for my social media blog. So, for that you must have enough experience on social media and able to writer for all type for popular social media site ( tips and Tricks ). You must have a good profile on BHW and you have previous work history to show me...
  17. Iamtheman

    Need a Downloadable Healthy Recipe Book link on Amazon

    Hi I need a Healthy Recipe book on Amazon. I need to buy that . It Should be great if book from Top Seller. I need to download that book ( Not Shipping ).Please help
  18. Iamtheman

    Mr. Apricot male or Female ?

    Mr. Apricot male or Female ? I saw on skype , that his/her gender is Female :eek: Till now i know he is a men . Now I am confused :confused:
  19. Iamtheman

    Its me Dude :D , what's your ?

    Its me from last 4 years :D
  20. Iamtheman

    Online Porn Could Be The Next Big Privacy Scandal

    It's time to open your eyes dude :D " The premise of this post is simple: If you are watching/viewing porn online in 2015, even in Incognito mode, you should expect that at some point your porn viewing history will be publicly released and attached to your name."...