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  1. Benji1

    Auction domain loses Backlinks steadily

    I am using it as a moneysite. I 301ed most of the Pages to the homepage.
  2. Benji1

    Auction domain loses Backlinks steadily

    Hi guys Quick question: I bought a nice auction domain 3 months ago with super strong contextual links and good power with your DR36. Now I've seen that some sites have started to remove the link to my domain because they noticed that it's not the old website anymore. Means: my domain is...
  3. Benji1

    You have a tonne of cash... how do you invest it?

    Till what Point to you recommend reinvesting all in a company/website?
  4. Benji1

    Low morale.

    What do you mean by Video and Video ads? What Business exactly do you mean?
  5. Benji1

    Expired Auction Domain from Athlete - Problems?

    I dont want to Rank for His Name. For Other search terms i want to appear OFC.
  6. Benji1

    Expired Auction Domain from Athlete - Problems?

    Good morning folks, I need some advice. I recently bought an expired domain from a well known athlete. The domain is his name. So: Whenever you search for his name, my site shows up in the serps on 1. The problem is, the athlete is still active and also has a lot of...
  7. Benji1

    Need link building guidance?

    I cant wait for those guides! When will the On Page and Silo Guide released? The Anchor one is coming today?
  8. Benji1

    Best Content generator for PBN

    Better get a cheap copywriter on Fiverr to write the content for your PBN. This way you can at least be sure that the keyword is placed in the right context. Google always looks for the context in which the link is placed to rank the link.
  9. Benji1

    Stop guestposting on fake dr & fake traffic sites

    I am firmly convinced that traffic alone says next to nothing about the strength of a link. However, based on the keywords and traffic, you can at least tell if it's a real page or just a guest post farm. You still have to look at the keywords that rank beforehand. Also, it is important to...
  10. Benji1

    Vote: Link Inserts vs Guest Posts

    Both types of links can have advantages. If you can insert your link on a page that has backlinks, this type of link is 100% stronger than a guest post that has no incoming internal or external links.
  11. Benji1

    Online Gambling SEO Question

    The Online Casino niche is crazy competitive. You will need a big budget to compete in this niche!
  12. Benji1

    Multiple sites in same niche

    It is no problem at all. You can have as many sites as you want in the same niche!
  13. Benji1

    How many Guest Posts can a new site have per month?

    Always think quality rather than quantity. One good quality guest post from a strong domain with good link profile will bring you 100 times more than 20 guest posts on dead websites with bad backlink profile. Also try to keep the link velocity the same. Slow and steady!
  14. Benji1

    Improvement in Semrush, but decline in Ahrefs? :)

    In my opinion, the ahref DR and ref. domains can be trusted the most. For a superficial analysis. But nothing replaces that manual checking of the respective domains for strong contextual links and your anchor text.
  15. Benji1

    How long must an info article be (opinions)

    It's best to use the text length of your competition as a guide. See what the websites with a low DR are doing and follow their length if you also have a low DR website.
  16. Benji1

    Guest Post or Directory with high traffic

    Traffic does not say about the strength of the link. You have to make sure that the site where you want to publish a guest post has a good link profile with contextual links from strong other websites. If the site has almost no contextual links and only spammy links, the site will give you...
  17. Benji1

    Info Product SEO Traffic?

    Hello people, I have a dog blog and would like to start monetizing my traffic with my own info product. I was thinking of building an email list and promoting my product there. But I don't know where to start right? Is there a course or blog you can recommend where you can learn to sell...
  18. Benji1

    [Tutorial] My SEO method to rank my websites in the top 20 on Google quickly

    Did I understand that correctly? If I want to rank the article "Dating tips for men". Do I take with 5 longtail variants of the keyword and also write posts about it: Dating tips for men over 50 Dating tips for men over 40 dating tips for men from women dating tips for men by men dating tips...
  19. Benji1

    Best One Time Payment Quality PBN?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for the best one time payment seller for PBN links? What experience do you have already? I am looking for quality links for one time payment. It only need to be 1-2 links to give my guest post some juice. Looking forward to your responses.