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    [Giveaway] - Ahref/Semrush Export

    Ahrefs please. Thank you
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    (help) website punished and blackmailed by seo specialist

    What a power Google can have on business and also on private life. Do not argue with your wife about this asshole. After all that happened, you have found the right place and it can only get better. Listen to the advice of moderator. I wish you and your wife all the best.
  3. marlboroXXL

    Why many of the world's top IT companies CEO led the people of India?

    I did not try to insult the Indian people with my comment. It is a fact that in Germany most pizza shops are run by Indian business people. And they can make good pizza.
  4. marlboroXXL

    Why many of the world's top IT companies CEO led the people of India?

    Indian people in USA are very intelligent and ceo of big companies. In Germany, many Indian people are CEOs of pizza companies.
  5. marlboroXXL

    I'm in LOVE with Asif Wilson Khan!

    that's what I call a happy marriage
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    *Urgent* I Need a internet Laywer in Germany/DeutschLand

    Why do you not accept this proposal? These are specialist lawyers who can help you. You can also ask your question in english. Anonymously describe your problem, in english language, pay a small fee and wait for a lawyer to contact you. He will give you the best advice. He will also tell you if...
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    Monetizing Google Local Guides

    how long did it take to get over 400k visitors?
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    [Help]Fail after Fail.

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    *Urgent* I Need a internet Laywer in Germany/DeutschLand

    Here you can find a lawyer who is familiar with Internet law: You also have the opportunity to ask anonymously, the visitors do not see your question. Only the lawyers.
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    When to start Off-Page SEO

    I think here's the answer to your question:
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    anyone noticed G algo update?

    Closed due to overcrowding :)
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    Plugin for visitor IP to display correct zip code

    Please excuse me if I wrote in the wrong place. I would like to offer my services in a city with 28 zip codes. Each postcode has different prices when visitors place an order. Is there a plugin for WordPress that recognizes the visitor IP and displays the correct prices? Will additional...
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    My girlffriend doesn’t want to have sex..

    True. And the girl is still a virgin
  14. marlboroXXL

    My girlffriend doesn’t want to have sex..

    Does she want to marry you and then she wants to do it, or would she like to remain a virgin forever?
  15. marlboroXXL

    How would you invest 250 thousand? *hypothetically

    Would your money be enough to buy or rent a field in California to grow cannabis?
  16. marlboroXXL - scam site in the UK

    I'm just asking to learn: You are not satisfied with their service. But you gave the boys a link from BHW. Is that not positive for the other side, link from BHW? Or is this link not important for SEO?
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    Help me learn internet marketting

    Read the topics in this forum you are interested in and pay attention to the members who respond in detail to questions. Follow these members!!! You will learn very quickly and move forward.
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    Failure Can Be Your Greatest Success

    After his company grew, he no longer cared about the four-legged donkeys. He worked on the 2-legged (his son and his grandchildren).
  19. marlboroXXL

    Is Facebook Organic Growth Pretty Much Dead?

    As it stands, Facebook does not want people to leave the platform. And if you want to pull people from Facebook to your Moneysite or another site, then only for a fee and with Facebook advertising.