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    Youtube Marketing

    @Voyag & @louisvu , sent you both a PM :)
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    [WTH] WP Designer to customize few pages...

    Interested. Sent you a PM :)
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    sending files after recieving paypal payments

    You can set up a Wordpress website and install a plugin called 'Easy Digital Downloads', then you just set up the files and connect your PayPal and voilà :)
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    How can i get unlimited free cloud storage?

    You can get free unlimited storage on Google Drive on @exonerate did great guide on this :)
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    What Client Portal Are You Using?

    I'm looking for a client panel with client management and integrated billing system. I know about SPP, but are there any others you use? :)
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    Looking for a client management & billing solution

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a client management/client portal & billing solution for selling services. I already know about but I want to find out what other options are. What are you guys using? :)
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    Best country to base your dropshipping company?

    You can set up a LLC in USA and pay 0% tax if you don't live there and don't employ any Americans :)
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    Looking for Korean video content creators (YouTube)

    Hey, I'm looking for people or preferably whole team of Korean video content creators for YouTube. Long term job. This includes script writing, voice acting and video editing. Feel free to reach out in PM if you think you'd be good fit :)
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    Wordpress plugin developer needed

    Hey, I'm looking for a wordpress plugin developer who can make a delivery tracking plugin (with custom dashboard and everything for admin to manually input data), but for services (instead of physical product). End user would see something like this for each order:
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    Socialpire TikTok Bot - 3 Day Free Trial

    I would like to get 3 day trial please :)
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    Increase Computer Speed.

    Downgrade to Windows 7. Windows 10 is very resource consuming, and since you don't have much RAM and older CPU I'm not surprised it's running very very very slow.
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    Where the F##k do you guys find your products Lmao

    I'm not dropshipping, but I guess your best bet would be Aliexpress and Alibaba :)
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    From YouTube to MP3 sites

    I haven't purchased it. My personal opinion is if you rank very high on Google you could make a ton of money, otherwise not.
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    What method made you the first $$ online? | Let's share

    YouTube. It all started with a very famous game at the time, Here's how much my first video made: At that point, I got hooked. I'm still doing YouTube pretty successfully, obviously not with anymore :D
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    From YouTube to MP3 sites

    Check out a marketplace thread by @Johnik He's selling fully done YouTube to mp3 site :)
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    Botting YouTube

    Thanks for taking your time and sharing it with us :) I sent you a PM with a few questions in hope to get a reply from you.