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  1. Zod

    I need to make a bot with BrowserAutomationStudio

    Please let me know if anyone can make a bot with BrowserAutomationStudio for Discord. PM me or reply here
  2. Zod

    BHW sellers using rankerx! and selling as manual work

    HI, I just noticed a big thing today after recieving report from some sellers and I saw that the entire report was all rankerx domains 100% all of them I have 2 rankerx lifetime licenses and I know what rankerx looks like , It just feels bad that after spending so much money these guys just...
  3. Zod

    my site not ranking for almost a year now

    Hi, my website speed is less than 1 second and over 85 google insights score on page seo is perfect and lots of hand written content I have also bought backlinks packages and expensive links here on bhw but nothing seems to rank my site. Spent over $1000 on paid backionks on bhw already not a...
  4. Zod

    Should I use AI generated content on money site?

    Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great day! I was just wondering if I should get ai generated contnet to rank my website and have a lot of blogs with that, because AI content is cheaper will AI content harm my site? also If i should get real contnet which is human made then do you know...
  5. Zod

    I need an aged domain with high metrics for business

    Hi i need a good aged domain in the marketing niche for under $250 It has to be over 5 years old minimum
  6. Zod

    I need to send mass Instagram dms for cheap

    Please let me know, I need to target a person's following and not followers.
  7. Zod

    GSA SER Catchall

    Hey BHW members I have a question that many of you guys might also have. I am planning to sue my own hosting server for catchall. if I want to use 1000 threads on GSA SER then how many emails will I need per day? OR From 1 catchall domain how many max emails i can use? 5k? 10K? 15k?
  8. Zod

    Gsa blog comments with scrapebox list

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could rank a website with doing tier 1 blog comments from good niche related sites with low OBl all sites will be extracted from Scrapebox After I get the list from scrapebox i will use it for gsa blog comments high quality ones Do you think it will work and be...
  9. Zod

    need a Cheap PBN setup service

    Hey, I am looking for a cheap PBN setup service
  10. Zod

    I need a rankerx/ Xevil expert to setup my Xevil remote connection

    Hi, I am running rankerx on my laptop and Xevil is running on my server but it seems to have an issue and they are not working remotely Please help me with this. its a small fix
  11. Zod

    How to connect RankerX to EXvil remotely?

    I have been having this problem. i want to run Xevil on a rdp server and I have ranker on my home computer and i don't know what to do to make them work together, i have tried everything for the past 4 hour but cant get it right so please help me
  12. Zod

    What are your opinions on Kontent Machine?

    Hi, I just got the software and I was wondering how many people use it and how many times do they use each article which building links? how many times can each article be used for good results? let me know guys!
  13. Zod

    RankerX with XEvil v4

    HI, I am having some issues with Xevil and it says "bad site key!" for so many websites in Xevil Any solutions for this? Also how many threads should I run Xevil on? if Ranker x is on 100 threads
  14. Zod

    Rankerx questions

    HI, I found about about ranker x recently and read a lot about it. is it a good software? better than MR? I have seo questions and ill appreciate if someone can answer them 1. Can I use rotating proxies from a proxy site called webshare? and what should be the rotation time? a week? 2. Can I...
  15. Zod

    Need a cheap vps for sending emails

    I need to send 100k emails a day that is 4100/hr Please let me know how many ips you will provide and the vps details!
  16. Zod

    How To Make $300 A Day With Facebook

    you can sell books from dollar store and other places to your ebay site! you only need your smartphone and other stuff make $300 a day by selling this online fro instagram, facebook you can easily sell one book for $30 to $40 online and you only need to promote them on instagram! and...
  17. Zod

    MAKE $100 A DAY FROM Ebay and Instagram

    Note: English is not my first language so I'm sorry for any grammer mistakes. There are many ways you can make money online in a LEGAL way some of them include CPA and affiliates but today I will share something lese which is even better than that! This is a very easy method and it only takes...
  18. Zod

    My Experience with Instagram

    I had been on Instagram the day it started and today I will tell you my story, there are many people who still don't know how social media works and they are just spamming their posts and not giving the people the right content\ always use hashtags, people follow hashtags and sometimes there...