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  1. qlithe

    Can't see my followers on LinkedIn

    Hey Does anyone know why I can't see who is following me? I visit It says "200 followers" but also: Looks like you don’t have any followers yet. Build an audience by sharing a post.
  2. qlithe

    Jarvee affiliate alternative

    I used to direct SMM traffic to jarvee which worked quite good in the past. Since they've closed their affiliate program, could someone suggest a good alternative within the niche?
  3. qlithe

    Link to parent from child page

    What is the best practice? Parent page —> Child page Parent page <—> Child page In other words, do you link to the parent page from your child pages?
  4. qlithe

    Perfectpanel API

    Hey! Anyone else having problem with API request for panels using perfectpanel last hours?
  5. qlithe

    Best telegram client

    Hey What's the best client for utilizing Telegram on PC? I'm looking to create multiple accounts so I need to hide my footprints. Any phone emulators working?
  6. qlithe

    Looking for Lyrics writer

    Hey! Any songerwriters on BHW? I'm looking for someone to write lyrics to melodies. Hit me up for further discussion.
  7. qlithe

    Portable laptop for IM

    Hey! Im currently using a dell xps 15 as my main killer but its kinds too large, heavy and has too low battery life to acually use on the fly. What Im looking for is a 10-13” light laptop (never used a 10” maybe its way too small?) with decent battery time for simple IM stuff. No heavy tasks...
  8. qlithe

    Best way to hide links?

    Hey! Is there any good working method for hiding outgoing links on a page? YES! I know this is blackhat and is risky. But what I'm looking for is a method that is not auto detected by the crawlers. Anyone got any experience of this in 2019? z-index undetected? font color same as background...
  9. qlithe

    Transactional Emails - Delivery Rate

    I'm only sending transactional emails like registration, forgot password, invoices etc.. and having a hard time delivering to microsoft addresses (hotmail, outlook etc). I'm currently using sendgrid and have everything setup the best I can, also verifying with tools like to make...
  10. qlithe

    Change wordpress logo & favicon

    Anyone knows of an easy method to change the logo and favicon of a wordpress site without doing it through the ordinairy customize.php? (for any theme I should add) Looking to automate it but since the page is mostly ajax (right?) I'm having a tough time. Maybe xml rpc or something in that...
  11. qlithe

    imagepng filename from array

    This is driving me crazy. It's obviously not the entire code but it illustrates my problem. <?php $filenames = file('filenames.txt'); for ($i = 0; $i <= count($filenames)-1; $i++) { $filename = $filenames[$i]; imagepng($im, $filename . '.png'); imagedestroy($im); } ?> For some...
  12. qlithe

    On-page without article

    Hey I'm trying to improve the on-site for a front page where there makes no sense to add more content or an article. What options do I have? What I've tried so far: 1) Used kws where I can, like img alt and optimized in the small snippets of text that exists, title desc etc.. 2) Created a blog...
  13. qlithe

    preg_match_all words without html tags

    Hey! I have this piece of html: <p>This is a sentence with a <a href="">link</a> inside</p> And I want to use preg_match_all to get all the words except the html tags including the link. I've been trying to solve this for too long now so I decided to make a topic for some...
  14. qlithe

    CPA network with pre-hosted landings

    Hey I've been using mgcash for some time and realized I didn't get any leads. The site is up and running, but in the news feed i just read that they have closed. A bit strange since everything seems to be up and running on the site, including offers etc. Anyway. What other networks are there...
  15. qlithe

    Redirect page without hosting

    Hey Is there a way to redirect sub pages of a domain through namecheap/godaddy or similar, without using hosting? I know you can do it with sub domains. But is there a way to do it with sub pages?
  16. qlithe

    Looking for an article tool

    What is the best (and preferably free) tool to do this? Feed it with your keywords, links and "sentences" or articles. Then generate articles based on that input, mixing all sentences in the articles provided. Maybe let you choose a few parameters like article length, amount of paragraphs etc...
  17. qlithe

    RGB Logo to CMYK

    Hey! I got a logo designed for me and just learned about CMYK the hard way. When sending the files to printing companies etc, will they still be able to replicate the RGB colors (lime green in this case) or should I consider remaking the logo with CMYK in mind? Thanks
  18. qlithe

    Search volume for unlimited keywords

    Hey! What's the easiest/cheapest way to check the search volume for an unlimited amount (or at least a very high amount) of keywords? It feels like almost every tool including GKWT has a pretty low limit.
  19. qlithe

    Retarget with FB ads, with free offer

    Hey I'm looking to do some retargeting with FB ads for the people that visited my site but didnt convert. Is there a (not too painful) way to offer them a unique coupon code or free offer somehow? I only want the specific retrageted people to be able to use it and not be abused. Thanks
  20. qlithe

    Ajax loop updater

    Hey I need a way to constantly update my users balance and update a column in my database called "last activity". I'm considering something like this: $(document).ready(function(){ function update() { $.ajax({ type:"post"...