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    [HOLY SHIT] 4 alien species are visiting Earth say USA, Canada and French officials

    lol what if they are already vaxxed and are making the human population vaxx for their arrival
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    [TIP] Warming Up New Email

    Did it atleast help a bit? or made it worse over time?
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    How to prevent gmail emails going to "promotion" tab? Cold emailing

    Check your headers, certain mailwizz headers are getting flagged.. once you remove them, the promotional goes away.
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    Need Help

    Yeah i created an add on fiverr but there is alot of people offering same services with competition.
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    Need Help

    powermta , mailing platform
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    Need Help

    Hello guys, Ive been lurking for a couple of years here, i have good linux sysadmin skills, Can setup pmta + console + mumara + mailwizz without a problem etc, I am looking for help in monetizing the system, creative ideas of offers etc.
  7. R Anyone care to share their experience with their VA’s?

    I ordered a couple of VAs from them, you have to do a great interview process to find the right one. Some sucked, however there was one that was really and worked with my company for a couple of months..
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    [METHOD] How My Digital Agency Got 4 New Clients This Month With Zero Efforts Worth $10K

    What crms are you using to manage your clients? Starting out, how did you show your capability if you didnt have a portfolio or list of clients?
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    sms offers?

    Anyone recommend networks with lot of sms offers?
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    How to find the right VA or Instagram expert?

    try some at i hired some for my real estate biz
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    mobile + sms friendly affiliate networks?

    the hat between whitehat and blackhat lol... seriously am just looking for sms friendly affiliate networks.
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    mobile + sms friendly affiliate networks?

    Hello, Anyone recommend some greyhat mobile+sms friendly affiliate networks?
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    Looking for a pmta + iptunnel expert to setup master/slave config.
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    How can I achieve this on Facebook?

    Setup a fake profile of a fake hot guy for gay people?
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    Self Hosted, Cloaking platform?

    Hello, Are there any self hosted cloaking scripts/platforms? thanks
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    mysqli_query insert help!!

    Hey guys, I am working with this pixel tracker, i am trying to pass email variables into the url, everything gets recorded, but the email variables arent being passed or written whats wrong? should work like this[email protected] if (isset($_GET['e'])) { $e =...
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    Pixel Tracking SpamTrap bots

    Hey guys, There use to be a sql/php script here that logged 1x1 img src pixels in emails and would auto insert either openers/clickers and had a invisible pixel where if clicked, it was most likely a spamtrap because the user couldnt of clicked it. Anyone seen something like this or recommends...
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    Best Click Tracking System

    bump, good stuff am looking for something similar aswell.
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    Mailing CPA offers $$

    Hey guys, so i want to start mailing cpa offers, i got the mailing platform + offers + data but am not sure how to cloak/rotate links for the landing pages so the aff id is hidden?
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    How do mass mailers maximize their inboxing?

    IT can be many factors by you are not inboxing.. You dont have proper rdns/dkim/spf etc setup, You could have spammy words. Your ips could of been blacklisted from the beginning. You are not warming up ips. You might need to modify your mail headers, the mail platform you are using could be...