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  1. doubley0u

    Re-dm all open chats

    I’m looking for a dm bot that can send a message to open chats. Jarvee doesn’t do a good job at all on that and dmpilot didn’t get updated lately and seems to be not functioning either. Any other bots out there able to do this? Need up to 10k-20k+ previous chats messaged (at least 2-5k per day...
  2. doubley0u

    Jarvee alternative to auto reply instantly

    Hey, recently jarvee is really not working that well any more for my purposes. I need to accept and reply to pending message requests or previous conversations , many of them per day. Usually it was easily possible to reply to a couple k dms per day but not with jarvee. since macro and browser...
  3. doubley0u

    Need some users scraped on ig

    need a list of accounts of a certain size(100k-300k) and niche scraped. Ideally removing all accounts our that aren’t posting in english too from that list. Need asap, don’t know market value of this service but I’m surely willing to pay above average if it’s getting done quick and as I...
  4. doubley0u

    Keitaro TDS help

    Need someone who knows how to use Keitaro TDS. Software is installed on a vps and domain + ssl certificate added. Need the system to run as soon as possible and basically need someone who can set up an example as I need it to be in the end and quickly instruct me about 1-2 things. Budget 30-50$...
  5. doubley0u

    Simple Link cloaking for DMS on IG

    Need someone who can set something up that makes it possible to answer lots of ig dms with a link. No ads cloaking, just filtering bot/crawler and directing USA traffic to one link and row to another. should include some sort of backend so I can change and add new campaigns/links too. Need to...
  6. doubley0u

    Instagram DMs and cloaking

    Hey, I’m looking for a reasonable way to cloak my links that are sent via dm.sending about 7-10k dms a day that contain affiliate links on only about 3-4 accounts. used advertsafe before and it worked fine. Justcloakit seems to be very costly considering i definitely need 15+ different links...
  7. doubley0u

    jarvee alternative for mac

    Looking for a alternative for Mac especially dm management/automation is important. And yes I know VPS, that’s not what I’m looking for thx in advance