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  1. Xedomylf

    Looking for Yelp reviews

    Looking for only sticky Yelp reviews (NOT ELITE). Need 50 r/month. Also I need your samples and proof that they are sticky. Accs should looks like real. DM me.
  2. Xedomylf

    Sales Manager

    Hi BlackHatters, looking for a good sales manager. To look lead on GMB section. if you're interested dm here.
  3. Xedomylf

    Lead searcher

    Hey there, looking for a guys who uses What's up for searching leads. Spam messages and so on. Contact me.
  4. Xedomylf

    Yelp Elite Accs

    Hi, I was given a bunch of elite accounts and I don't know what to do with them. Any thoughts where I can sell them or what to do?
  5. Xedomylf

    G-accs creating

    Hello to all BHW members, does anyone knows where to buy proxies, where google doesnt require mobile phone during registration? Thanks in advance and good luck for everyone!!!