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  1. midnightsavant

    They were banned!!

    RIP to this longtime and very active user - Oh, and RIP this user as well - As far as @TheVigilante, this guy was literally everywhere on this forum. I honestly can't remember any...
  2. midnightsavant

    Ideas on monetizing the Paigham Bot?

    Yesterday I received a 1 month license key of the Paigham Bot courtesy of @DunDidIt2X(thanks). The tool itself works well but does anyone know how I can actually earn revenue using it? Ik it can submit to contact forms but isn't that form of marketing dead due to webmasters ignoring their mails?
  3. midnightsavant

    Best Leads Site/Provider?

    Curious in knowing which site or who specifically provides the best targeted leads in niche's like Forex/Crypto/MLM's and etc. These leads would normally be someone's email and/or phone number for example.
  4. midnightsavant

    What is the best telegram growth service?

    Based on your experience in telegram growth, what is the best telegram channel/group growth site/service? I am referring to services/sites that give you real targeted telegram members that are being added to your channel/group and not fake bot accounts.
  5. midnightsavant

    High Ticket Affiliate Programs/Products That Pay In cryptocurrency?

    Profixpixels and Algo-Affiliates are packed with them but literally every offer on those networks is a scam. The networks itself are legit but they're full of fake trading bots and mafia style brokers that scam the buyer of ~$200 once purchased. Does anyone know of any high affiliate...
  6. midnightsavant reviews

    Very interested in this traffic panel. Has anyone here used I'm aware their owner is here on the forum. However, I'd like to see some reviews from buyers of that site.
  7. midnightsavant

    Does it make sense to use proxies with smtp servers for cold emails?

    So, I've spent nearly a week prepping a CAN-SPAM compliant bulk cold email marketing campaign. I have mail blasting software , proxies and access to external SMTP servers. I've been testing the smtp server by sending emails to my accounts and they get delivered pretty swiftly. However, for...
  8. midnightsavant

    What are some file hosting sites that let you add content lockers?

    Does anyone here know of any file hosting sites with direct download just like anonfile, mediafire, etc that let you add content locking scripts?
  9. midnightsavant

    How do you extract and format combo list emails?

    Does anyone here know of a tool/site to extract emails from combo lists then properly format them for the purpose of inputting them into a mail sending service? 1st screenshot is before the extraction And formatting: 2nd screenshot is after the extraction and formatting:
  10. midnightsavant

    Pinapfile 2021

    Is still a legit paying pay per install network?
  11. midnightsavant

    Publishing ads without a website?

    without having your own website, Is there a way to embed html ad code somewhere so you can get ppc/cpm commissions?
  12. midnightsavant

    What are the legit paying casino affiliate programs?

    I'm interested in trying out AM. I have a good budget and I found my niche but I can't find any legitimate affiliate programs. Anyone have any ideas or links?