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  1. InsanelySane

    WP Comment System Destroys Your On-Page SEO

    The problem with the wordpress default comment system is that it adds text to your page/post. So if you're trying to rank for "how can I lose weight fast", and 60 people in your comments ask "hey paul, how can I lose weight fast I've tried blah blah blah", then your keyword density for that term...
  2. InsanelySane

    On Page/Site Architecture Wizards - I Could Use Your Help

    I have an eccommerce store that could be making a lot more money if I fixed this keyword cannibilization-like problem and resume doing seo to it. It has bugged me for a long time since I'm not sure what to do so I have just let it sit for months, wasting away potential money. Example...
  3. InsanelySane

    Equivalent of Tax No. for Non-US?

    Is there a direct eqivalent of "Tax No." for a Canadian citizen? An affiliate company owes me a good deal of money and considering I havent been automatically payed yet I can only assume short of a scamming me leaving that field blank may be the reason.
  4. InsanelySane

    Keyword Issues with Ecommerce SEO

    I've got a small ecommerce site I'm working on atm. I'm writing 500 word unique articles for each product because I intend to rank number one for all of them. The issue lies in the fact its an ecommerce site which makes onpage factors a bit tricky. Basically pretend my store is selling...
  5. InsanelySane

    Estimating Price & Potential Beforehand

    Pretend I want to rank a site/business in organic seo only and for one keyword only. Now if that keyword was something like "plastic surgery new york", that is obviously extremely profitable. As it gets 2,000 searches per month with an $8 CPC for adwords. So if I was to rank for this I could...
  6. InsanelySane

    Whipping Together an Eccomerce Site - Concerns

    I've already got traffic, so that is not an issue. Within the next week I plan to spend a day or two putting together a small eccomerce site using woocommerce. For payment method I decided on 2checkout because it utilizes both paypal and CC. Basically I am just wondering if I can create this...
  7. InsanelySane

    Youtube Reviews and Sustainability

    Is it frowned upon or will it lead to manual deletion if I rip other peoples product reviews, use a video spinner/md5 hash switcher, re-upload them, rank them in google, and then link them to my corresponding review site? Obviously the best thing is to buy the product and make a review...
  8. InsanelySane

    Keeping Following Ratio Down

    I'm using tweepi atm to manage my main account and don't want to take any uneccessary risks as the hope is to build this account to over 100k targeted followers. Account is only one month old and atm I am following 500/day. And am wondering if it would it be risky to unfollow 500 per day as...
  9. InsanelySane

    Browser Based Follower

    Im building an account manually and therefore am following manually as well. Twitter makes this annoying by dumping all the people you are already following from that account at the top of their follower list. So since im following 1000 people from their followers list I have to sift through...
  10. InsanelySane

    Avoiding Getting Sued As A Vendor

    When I first heard of selling ebooks through cb I thought for a vendor that everything regarding your clickbank product had to be 100% legit and not be at risk of any copyright infringement. However, I have seen, and still see tons of reputable vendors using google images for fake testimonials...
  11. InsanelySane

    Adwork Media Earnings

    I know it can vary but I am wondering what is the average or at least the range you earn per download using adworkmedia or a similar type cpa lock?
  12. InsanelySane

    Legit Dating Site + How Would You Monetize It?

    I've got a site in dating niche atm getting about 1600 UV's and 11k Page views per month purely from organic search. With some additional SEO on my part I could quadruple this probably within a week. I primarily wanted to advertise clickbank products however I am skeptical of the conversions...
  13. InsanelySane

    Autoblog Question I Cant Figure Out

    I've got an idea for using autoblogs + social media to try and see if I can get some decent cash from this. I've already figured out more or less how to be nearly completely anonymous through vpns, proxies, prepaid visa, etc. But the problem and what I am wondering is, if the websites I am...
  14. InsanelySane

    Allowing Blog Comments and Hurting On Page SEO

    I typically do not allow comments on my sites because of the way it messes with your on page seo. Simply put you cannot control keyword density. I excel at on page seo and have everything down to exact percentiles to rank with usually the fewest of links. So its kind of stupid to mess with...
  15. InsanelySane

    Twitter Locks

    I decided to focus on one good twitter account manually. Things are starting to gain momentum but I keep getting locked out every day or two which completely messes up my tweet scheduler. I've got about 3.3k followers -- only 120 are actually real I follow roughly 100-150 per day and get about...
  16. InsanelySane

    The Next Step Forward

    I have a website that i've been getting traffic to for a while and selling products as an affiliate. Well I figured out a while ago I can make a lot more money if I buy the products myself through ali baba and then sell them. My current site is set up as a blog for seo purposes. So I am...
  17. InsanelySane

    Tweet Scheduler

    Does anyone know of either a free bot or hopefully browser based tweet scheduler where you can import them via a text file or copy paste a big list? I know of bufferapps, and a few others but they have given me problems with not posting in the past as well as the fact they only allow you to...
  18. InsanelySane

    Quick PPD Question

    This seems like such a stupid question but I cant find an answer on sharecash or any where else Say I have a music ppd site and a guy downloads 4 different songs and completes 4 different surveys, do I get paid for all 4 of them? Or is there some rule where you only get paid one time per...
  19. InsanelySane

    Will this work?

    I have literally no knowledge of twitter but see a good use for it to make money. So I set up a quick account with a header/logo two days ago. Made 4 tweets with no links or anything just a daily tip. Followed about 100 niche targeted people and about 20 are following me back. No idea if thats...
  20. InsanelySane

    Canadian Private Proxy

    Bought a prepaid VCC and trying to register it with fake info. However, I cant get on the VCC's website because they have blocked all candian HMA VPN proxies as well as TOR. I need to buy one private canadian proxie for this. Found a few places but all require bulk orders.