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    Some Twitter Tricks and Tips (Really Good)

    twitter aint dead. its too mainstream. when your parents have heard of or understand a tech tool you know it aint gonna disappear.
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    Google trends, bullshit.

    nah, runescape (whatever the fuck that is) should definitely be as popular right now as brittany murphy.
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    Google Hot Trends...Becoming Extinct for Good?

    google insights offers some pretty good insights into the demographics behind trending topics. its a useful complement to the Hot Trend tool
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    any way to see traffic of competitor?,,, google trends for websites to name a few.
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    List of free domains with common english words in common TLDs

    dude thanks for the legwork. props.
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    ip to proxy?

    nmap is your friend
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    D.C. Cop Pulls Gun on Snowball Fight

    Apparently, some one did hit him with a snowball after he pulled his gun. He randomly threatened to arrest various members of the crowd. He was pissed that people hit his precious hummer. Dude needs to lose the power trip.
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    Google Trends Topics As WP title post

    Google already provides an RSS Feed of their hot Trends. See
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    Any thoughts on how to use SHODAN - for blackhat SEO purposes. For those who dont know SHODAN lets you find servers and routers on the Internet. You can search servers/routers by software, ports, or location.
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    Britney Myrphy Dead ad 32

    Brittany murphy is a hot topic all over the net. See Google Trends and Twitter Trends. Lots of potential for hits on this topic.
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    Giviing away 8 Google Wave invite

    i already have google wave but still dont get it? anyone figure out a useful application for it?
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    how much my facebook account worth

    also depends how often your friends log-in, how active they are, and how many friends they have.
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    A quick guide to SSH tunnelling

    the guys from Hak5 did a really good show on SSH tunneling. Check it out
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    How to set up a proxy in your browser

    any ideas on how to set up a raw socket connection to a proxy so that I can use across all my apps vice setting up individual connections via each app?
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    HaRRo Will be back soon (Hospital)

    man, hope haRRo gets well soon. rest up and relax.
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    Your opinion of school as BHW member.

    school and seo work arent mutually exclusive. no reason you cant do both.
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    People Too Stupid To Live!

    stupid people should drown in the shallow end of the gene pool
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    Cookie tracking - What is it?

    any ideas of good affiliate programs to do this for/with?
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    Virus in BHW?

    Probably cookies. Could be harmless.
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    OMG! What a Sick Fckers!

    my immediate reaction was Fight Club. Tyler Durden rules!