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    Oct. 2020 LinkedIn Connection Request Limit Update Discussion

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a curveball. LinkedIn automation users are reporting accounts being limited at sending 40-70 connection requests per day, down from 100 - 140 as max limits. Here is my experience. Some of my accounts have experienced the "limit" message. One of them is...
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    What is the equivalent of a VPS but for an android?

    I want to rent a virtual private android device, just like I rent a virtual private server that's a windows 10. What is that called? How can I got about this? My goal is to run certain apps on it 24/7.
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    What is the best tool for Unfollowing NonFollowers?

    I used Jarvee for a few years but after June 1st Botpocalypse it's become worthless even when scraping data. What are some whitehat AND blackhat tools that allow for unfollowing nonfollowers (and potentially bot followers)?
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    [LinkedIn] Jarvee only able to access 4k/25k of 1st connections

    One of my LinkedIn clients has 25,000 connections, and Jarvee is only able to extract ~5,000 of them. I contacted support but they weren't able to help other than them saying "You need to understand that Jarvee scrolls for few minutes and then it extracts all the user the tool can find but it...
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    Looking for 4G Mobile Instagram Proxies

    I am using, but I want to test another proxy provider because I am getting some action blocks (only through Jarvee, my phone can follow fine on the same account which gets a follow block through Jarvee). Budget is not a problem. I just need something high quality that will work...
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    Help Me Determine Why I Got Follow Blocked with Jarvee

    Hi there, hope everyone is doing well. I'm testing out two Instagram accounts, both on which I have run Jarvee before, but not for a few months. Using 4G mobile proxies from, currently using both test Instagrams on the same proxy. One account got an action block ONLY from...
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    4G/LTE or Private Residential Proxies for Jarvee? - LinkedIn

    As the title says, I'm unsure whether to use 4G/LTE or Private Residential Proxies for LinkedIn through Jarvee.