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  1. kinsta

    Any tips to Spam Twitter DM?

    Hello guys, I'm DMing/Spamming large number of Twitter accounts manually, But Twitter sending my DMs into "other DMs" and flagging me Do you have any advices/tricks that I can do?
  2. kinsta

    Tool to check fake activity/followers

    Hello guys, I'm planning to advertise a product on Twitter, so I'm planning to pay tens of big accounts for advertising my product. How can I know if their followers/activity are real? is there a good bot for that?
  3. kinsta

    Any service to DM thousands of Twitter accounts?

    Hey, Is there any service to DM thousands of Twitter accounts that take cares of proxies, accounts, and everything? _____________________________________________________________ TeIegram: RAGNFT
  4. kinsta

    5k-20k$ Bounty to find a specific bug on specific website

    Hello, I am looking for a very expert coder to find a website's bug by API testing. Bounty can be negotiable Contact only TeIegram :
  5. kinsta

    Looking for VERY experienced developer(s)

    Hello, I am looking for some experienced developers to get some data from website's API data/api/more- paying well for experienced developers Contact TELEGRAM ONLY:
  6. kinsta

    Coinbase/Binance Listing before announcement???

    Looking for someone that is having this info, Or to introduce me to someone who can help;) Why should you PM me? Because I have damn good information to trade too Tele: PiXLabe
  7. kinsta

    Instagram Report, Algorithm?

    Hello guys, I'd like to ask something, We, 5,000 people, reported 1 Instagram account that had 50 followers (made new), The Instagram wasn't deleted, Are there any reasons for this? or any helpful note or link that can be very helpful! this is very important to me, thanks
  8. kinsta

    Is there such a service to offer Telegram with Blue Badge?

    Is there such a service to offer Telegram account/page with Blue Badge?
  9. kinsta

    Telegram Referral System

    Hello guys, I am looking for someone to create a referral system for my Telegram group, to show each user how many invites he brought and to give rewards, if you can help add tele @PixLabe
  10. kinsta

    Telegram Blue Badge?

    Hi Guys, Do any of you know if it's possible to buy/make telegram account with a blue badge? (is there a marketplace for verified accounts)? TELE PixLabe
  11. kinsta

    Binance Bot

    Hey guys, I am looking to create a bot in Binance that can have to do simple actions and record data, where's the best place to hire someone who can accomplish this?
  12. kinsta

    Looking for a TWITTER accounts manager (with bot)

    Hi there! I am looking for someone who can manage hundreds/thousands of accounts on TWITTER, Looking to deal only with trusted members Hit me up on Telegram @pixlabe or skype live:toofameteam
  13. kinsta

    Market for OG/3L accounts?

    Hello, Is there any recommended market for these types of accounts? I want a safe market place to sell 3L accounts
  14. kinsta

    Verification code is being sent to a different email address

    Hello, I need to access an Instagram account, which it's associated with my email address, and if I reset password, it goes okay to my email, but once it asks for code, it's being sent to a different email address that I don't know, Do you have any suggestions?
  15. kinsta

    Anyone can Claim inactive usernames?

    Hello, Do anyone know someone who can claim inactive Instagram usernames, Like first names 4 letters or OG usernames
  16. kinsta

    Tips for verifciation

    Hello, I am verifying an account for a client, she's a singer with 300k followers, has also Wikipedia page, She appealed few times and none of them got accepted, do you have any tips?
  17. kinsta

    Where to buy IG account?

    After a few months of inactivity, I come and see that prices are more expensive, accounts are less quality... Do you know any source where can I buy an account? (grown not just PVA) Looking for reasonable prices, not like fameswap or these things
  18. kinsta

    Instagram account with followers

    Hi there, I am looking for Instagram accounts if someone has, more than 1k followers, Add skype [email protected]
  19. kinsta

    my acc got hacked, how to get it back?

    Hi there, My account just got hacked and it feel bad, I tried to click on "Secure my account" on the email that I got when email was changed, but it's not working ("page not found") I still have the original email, any ideas what to do?
  20. kinsta

    ACCOUNTS with Thousands of Followers

    Hi there, I Have some old accounts, each has 5k-20k followers, But now I am trying to log in, some of them get a message: Your account has been disabled for violating our terms: and some of them need verification code by SMS (it's not showing me the...