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    AC End of the Month Offers

    Does anyone know if the article offers drop toward the end of the month on AC? Each batch of 10 for mine are dropping 5 to 25 cents each day. Didn't know if anyone else was experiencing this or not.
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    AC is so much better!

    AC is so much better than this junk! Oh my word, I am so sick of the copy editors on Demand Studios (DS). I don't want to give too much detail to track back to my account. OK.. here is my deal. I spent roughly an hour writing about xxx title. I got my 3 references and 1 resource. I sent it...
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    Inside AC Article Links

    OK.. I admit. I've been fairly lazy about looking up my articles to see which ones I can link inside my AC articles. Reading the $30 thread, I now see this important for higher upfronts. So.. my questions.. LOL [1] How many links is a good number inside the articles? [2] Should you ONLY...
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    Outsourcing Trouble

    I find several good writers. I get in the first batch and pay them their money. I send them the next batch to rewrite ----:eek: Then poof ~~ I hear nothing back from them. This is so frustrating. I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong. I'll gladly take suggestions. I read the threads and...
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    AC Topics and More Money

    I got stuck on AC and was running out of topics. I spent a solid week away from AC writing and did some research on topics specifically for AC. Redtide's ebook inspired to take my AC one step deeper and make more money. When I got the AC article offers in on the different topics I experimented...
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    Searchability of AC Topic

    Hi there-- OK... I learned here that we need to pick a topic that is searchable on Google. This leads me to a couple of questions. Let's say for example-- I want to write an article for AC that says How to Get Rid of Kennel Cough in Huskies [1] For my Google search would I just put in...