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    New Google Vanity URLs.. will it ruin my backlinks????

    Should I get the new google vanity URL that is being offered to me. I have built many MANY backlinks to the current URL and don't know enough (SEO noob). Will all my backlinks still be valid and passing juice? Do I have anything to worry about? Thanks guys! Love this site..:cool:
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    Local SEO microdata schema - Does it help?

    I use schema on several of my pages to insert reviews.. the review rating will show up on the SERPs and results in more clicks. The real question I have is using the local business schema. I have the schema inserted on my homepage for our headquarters location. It should be helping Google...
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    Keyword Stuffing still exists?

    A local plumbing company seems to have a hold on the market. They have the #1 ranked spot for almost all town names in the area. They have a fairly big seo operation going on I think. My question is, on each town/service page (aimed at keyword "town name plumber"). They have a massive list of...
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    How do I host Tier 1 links under different IPs?

    Ok guys, I've very new here. I want to start building my own collection of Tier 1 backlinks... my question is how do I host them under different IP addresses? I have HidemyAss VPN and use it for various programs such as SeNuke, etc. Can I use that to host them? If so, how? Just a little...