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  1. C45HC0W

    Redirect from premium website was used for spam does it hurt my website?

    I just bought a service which redirects from huffpost to my website via a 301 redirect. however I saw on ahrefs that this website was probably already used for spam. So will this hurt my website? huffingtonpost -> website -> mysite
  2. C45HC0W

    how to make a click anywhere on page open a new tab?

    I was watching "the office" on one of these streaming sites and I noticed that everytime I click anywhere on the page a new tab opens in the background. However when I looked at the javascript on the website via the dev console I could not find any clues which script triggered this. I only...
  3. C45HC0W

    Puppeteer or Selenium - which one do you prefer?

    I have recently worked with Selenium but now I have tried Puppeteer and I must say that Puppeteer seems more convinient because it is much harder to detect by AntiBotPrograms(in my opinion) and I dont need to update the BrowserVersion as often as for Selenium. So wich one do you prefer?
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    Amazon Affiliate Native Shopping Ads - high impressions and clicktrough rate but no sale?

    For the first time I have implemented the Native Shopping Ad widget into my website. And have the following results: IMPRESSIONS CLICKS CLICK THROUGH RATE REVENUE PER THOUSAND IMPRESSIONS (RPM) TOTAL EARNINGS 8,547 20,801 243.37% $0.00 $0.00 Somethings seems off here I have...
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    what happens if you chose a too small gas price for a eth transaction?

    So I wanted to stack my eth and therefore switched it into stETH using coinwallet. however I chose the smalles gas fee possible(which was suggested by coinwallet) which was 22 Gwei. Now it has been 25h+ but my transaction is still pending. Will this transaction be executed at all?
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    I was a millionaire for 1 minute

    So I bought 537 mio BONFIRE coins on wednesday for about 0,00000004 cent per coin. I just looked at the chart today and saw that for 2 and a half hours ago for one minute the price was at 0,003cent. which would ve made my 25$ Investment worth 1.611.000$ I actually can not believe that this...
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    For how long do you usually hold shitcoins?

    I just invested in GFISH 0xa3b7446d998475aa4b521243da8a139d83ef1435 They are about 1 day old. Doubbled my investment, then lost half of it and now I am + - 0. I am pretty new to this. So, for how long do you often hold shitcoins?
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    How to monetize traffic in gaming niche? [HELP]

    I get a decent amount of traffic to gaming topics like League of Legends or World of Warcraft. I am already running ads but I want to monetize this traffic more but I have a problems to do so. On the one side the interests of the users are very obvious gaming and then in specific this certain...
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    Will a little bit of spam prevent my youtube channel to be monetizable in the future?

    So about 2 years ago I created a youtube account using a pic from a blonde young girl created via I used some free beach video material and some free sounds and made a simple "beach vacation" video then I searched for sexy girls, sexy indian girls, etc... and...
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    nsfw content on youtube

    wtf just search for "naked yoga" on youtube and you will find plenty of nsfw content. how is that possible?
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    How to determine the value of an URL? is 301 still a thing?

    I found a url which has: according to checkpagerank 19 DA 36 PA ~13k backlinks ~250 Referring Domains according to ahrefs 11DA ~13k backlinks ~100 Referring Domains looking at webarchieve it seemed to be a forum. so how do I know if there is value in this site. does it make sense to 301...
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    301 redirecting from weebly site does it make sense?

    I was browsing through fandom wiki and found a no follow link to a weebly site which does not exist anymore. According to checkpagerank net it has a PA 3 of and a DA of 4. Does it make sense to take it this site and redirect it to my website?
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    competitor is outranking me with low quality backlinks

    I am very new to SEO and so is my website(~10 months). I am trying to rank for a keyword and was on the 15-20 place according to search console but dropped to 30-50 places after buying some pbn links. I just checked the backlinks of my competitor who is on the 1st place with the free moz tool...
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    optimizing your website - PageSpeed Insights vs. GTMetrix

    I am trying to optimize my website. According to google developers pagespeed insights I got a score of 97 for mobile devices and a 100 for desktop devices On gtmetrix on the other hand I got a pagespeedscore F(46%) and Yslowscore B(81%) how do I interprete these different outcomes? why do they...
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    Best (free) way to scrap Instagram Follower?

    How do you scrap all follower of an IG account? I tried it myself with a simple python script +selenium but got the account burned.
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    How to reproduce the website configuration of a dead BHW member?

    So, there is this guy who started a journey about 4 months ago and in the first post his website speed seems very impressive. Unfortunately the last time he posted in the thread was in the beginning in May and he posted that he is very sick. If you look at his profile you can see that he last...
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    [NEWS] A lawsuit against the Internet Archive threatens vital gaming history

    apparently there is a massive lawsuit against the Internet Archive which may lead to its shut down. I dont know in which forum I should ve post this
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    Why Do I Not Rank At All

    I am trying to rank for some keyword but my website is not even showing up in the top 100 for any country for these keywords. My website has DA 8 and PA 11 and is about 9 months old. The keyword difficulty is: Semrush: 85 Keywordrevealer: 44 Ahrefs: 5 Ubersuggest: 13 Average Backlinks is about...
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    How to deal with adblockers

    How do you deal with adblockers? This is my first website and I start to get some organic traffic ~10+ per day and about 100+pageviews I have about 3 ads per page and so I should get 300 impressions but according to my adnetwork I just got 18 impressions. I think this might be due to adblockers...
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    Anyone using sistrix

    Is anyone using sistrix? what are you using it for? how do you like it?