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  1. German Rodriguez

    Fully automated Job Board, Sell Job Post And Adsense $300 Plus/Month Easy Passive Income

    I would like to use this platform in other countries but 10 sites just for me is too much at this moment if anyone is interested in a JV (pick the site and pay for the development) let me know, I am only looking 1st tier countries @patadeperro let's assume we pick the country, for the 10 sites...
  2. German Rodriguez

    How to use ninjagram?

    looking for the same, any suggestions or guides to follow?
  3. German Rodriguez

    [FREE] Instagram Email Leads - hundreds of influencers from Any Niche

    thank you for this share, i was able to send some emails and the rate is good, a couple open my email and answer with interest, thank you again
  4. German Rodriguez

    Is a quiz site really worth it?

    i have try 2 methods but in my case no success, I am not sure what I miss but at least I try
  5. German Rodriguez

    Weekend mockup giveaway

    I am giving away 3 mockups from this site just post the image or video (share link) and the links of the mockup that you want it make sure to send the right size I won't do adjustments I will just upload, place, and generate is up to you to share the right file size...
  6. German Rodriguez

    Q&A Grabber - The Real Answer to Your Content Problems

    happy customer, I will upload the FQ list on my site and will start measuring the impact, I will share my results great support Fast delivery and easy to reach)
  7. German Rodriguez

    [Journey] Is dropshipping still profitable in 2022?

    hi, quick question, regarding working with a shipping agent, for each sale, you send the item to your shipping agent and they handle the shipping to the US or any other country? how much % increase the price?
  8. German Rodriguez

    Selling stamps?

    eBay shows stamps auctions doing well sometimes
  9. German Rodriguez

    Q&A Grabber - The Real Answer to Your Content Problems

    Invoice 000000259 thank you, great deal
  10. German Rodriguez

    Q&A Grabber - The Real Answer to Your Content Problems

    Lifetime coupon?
  11. German Rodriguez

    How I fixed "Discovered - currently not indexed" at least in my case

    noted I scheduled 3 posts per day, 8 hours apart, and when each article went live, I resubmitted the sitemap. quick question, how many words do you use on each one of the posts?
  12. German Rodriguez

    Best way to promote your service to facebook users?

    this is what I do: * use an old FB account with history * joining as many groups related to your service * using a bot post on each one to the groups * Be ready to replay any comment * on each one of the groups find those posts with lots of comments and make a comment with your service rinse...
  13. German Rodriguez

    Can yoy give me some tips to successfully flip a website?

    looking for ideas to flip automate travel sites
  14. German Rodriguez

    Is there anyway to avoid Fiverr test?

    i feel the same, but after passing several tests (i have done several) i notice better conversions, i suggest you do it or pay for that, i have been selling better after i pass each one of the tests
  15. German Rodriguez

    How much do you spend on software/tools per month?

    i have a budget of $250, most of them i spent on appsumo
  16. German Rodriguez

    A stupid environmental tips applied to IM

    i will use this one Save the environment with our plastic-reduced package: $1
  17. German Rodriguez

    Looking for a specific Cisco Ebook

    find any book here