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  1. teeniegenie

    Your "Follow Me" and "Case Study" Thread Sucks - Here's Why

    <RANT> For whatever reason, BHW has a high amount of "Case Study" and "Follow Me" type threads. Unfortunately, 99% of them never see completion and just clog up the site with useless hopes and unrealized dreams for an OP who was either too lazy, stupid or frustrated to finish what was started...
  2. teeniegenie

    A Look at Google's Pryor Creek, OK Data Center

    Interesting video:
  3. teeniegenie

    Guys I Found Out What Diamond Dave Is Now Up To...

    Mixing it up w/Van Halen!! :D:D:D
  4. teeniegenie

    Man Finds $10k at Vegas Airport - Returns Cash to Owner

    Interesting story...what would you do?$10,000-In-Cash,-At-Las-Vegas-Airport!.html IMO - he did the right thing...
  5. teeniegenie

    Man Crashes $380k Lambo Hours After Winning It In Contest

    File this one under the "That Sucks" file... But, like I always say...It is better to have driven a Lambo and wrecked it than to have never driven one at all...LOL
  6. teeniegenie

    How Can I Download/Rip a .FLV Video From a Private Webite??

    I came across some videos on a private website (i.e. - not YouTube, etc.) that I have access to which are being played in Adobe Flash Player. Can someone help me with how I can download/rip these videos from the site so I can save them to my computer in case the videos are ever taken down...
  7. teeniegenie

    Need Some Good Data Porn For Your Next PPC Campaign? - Google Has Your Back

    G announced its "Think Insights" program today. A quick review shows that it will offer a ton of info for marketers to go through. It will be useful for PPC and other types of marketing campaigns IMO. Site: Article on the site...
  8. teeniegenie

    [GET] Dragon Naturally Speaking v. 11.5 For 80% Off - Today Only

    I'm a fan of buying the real thing instead of using cracked versions of software. I don't know what I'd do without DNS. Here is a deal for the real thing (which includes a set of head phones) for as good as a price as you'll find anywhere...
  9. teeniegenie

    [PICS] You Don't See One Of These At Your Local Pet Store...

    A one-eyed cyclops albino fetal shark was recently caught in the Gulf of California...freaky looking creature if you ask me. Full story here:
  10. teeniegenie

    Need Some Sikuli Programming Done

    I need someone who is proficient in Sikuli to create a script for Microsoft Excel. PM me for more details. You'll be paid via PayPal.
  11. teeniegenie

    [CRAZY] Botched Surgery Leaves L.A. Woman With a Uniboob (w/Pics)

    This is not how I would want to end up in the national news...this will be a field day for a good personal injury attorney in Los Angeles:
  12. teeniegenie

    Adsense Font Is TINY On My Site - Anyone Know Why?

    I have a relatively new (< 6 mos) adsense site with two text blocks and one banner ad. I set the text block font size to the default (12 point?) setting to match the rest of the font on my site. Things were fine until a few days ago, when the font size suddenly shrunk. It is now noticeably...
  13. teeniegenie

    [FUNNY] Advertising a Fake Craigslist Orgy at Your Neighbor’s House Is the Best Revenge

    I had a good laugh at this one...
  14. teeniegenie

    [GOOD DEAL] Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 for $4.99 After Rebate

    Hey guys, has the Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platimum on sale today for $4.99 after mail-in rebate (pay $74.99 now and get $70 in rebates back). I just got back from their local store in Vegas and bought it. You can also purchase it online: I'm...
  15. teeniegenie

    [TIPS] How to Check Your Rep and Subscribe to a BHW Thread

    I have noticed members trying to figure out who has given them rep (or negative rep) and what thread/post it came from. My guess is that many members don't know that you can check each instance where someone gave you rep by going to the right portion of BHW. I have also noticed people...
  16. teeniegenie

    Is There A WP Plugin That Does This....??

    I am looking for a WordPress plugin that will automatically add tags to a post that exactly match each category I choose for a WP post. In other words, as I check the categories I want for a post the post tags would be created below without me having to type them in. Anyone know of a plugin...
  17. teeniegenie

    Hey Guys - Here's What Not To Do

    Read this article here: One of you (which one is it? Fess up - :D) just got sued by Stations Casinos here in Vegas for trademark infringement. From the description of the article it was some...
  18. teeniegenie

    Do You Have Your Facebook Dress Yet?

    I've seen it all now...
  19. teeniegenie

    Impressive Article: Google Algorithm Change History

    SEOmoz has put together an impressive article that lays out a history of Google's changes to its algorithm. It's worth having a look at IMO. Enjoy!