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  1. Floccer

    How to properly use Scrapebox automator addon

    I was trying to setup Scrapebox automator to harvest keywords, validate domains and run poster. But how can i find new keyword using automator when it starts new loop? Its using the same keywords for every loop that i have defined.
  2. Floccer

    Need help with selenium, headless browser and extension

    Hi I have been trying to build headless scraper with extension. Scraping works well if browser is not in headless mode. Both browsers are set with profile that has the extension installed. I could ditch the extension if elements wouldn't have dynamic variables. I have been unable to identify...
  3. Floccer

    AI generated content blog with affiliate offer

    Hellou everyone! I was fascinated on creating automated blog after reading many journeys here and thinking of many possibilities who i could make one. And to get this started is cheap. Few euros for domain for a year. Currently i do not have domain but i founded good affiliate program that has...
  4. Floccer

    How to find forums?

    Anyone have tips how i could find forums or twitter like pages where i could promote my site? I have tried different kind of search terms like forums + keyword inurl:forum + keyword And some other variations but i'm still not finding really as much as i would want.
  5. Floccer

    Anyone has any auto approve blog comment page list?

    Hi Does anyone has any list of gsa or scrapebox auto approve blog comment list? Domains doesen't matter if those are spammed to death. I just need links for studying more website source codes. I have found some list that contains the root domains but not any that has page lists.
  6. Floccer

    backlink creator

    Hi, I have built python + selenium bot that would do guestbook backlinks. i currently have few sites that works and i get data from excel sheet where i have link, anchor etc info. But to do this in bigger scale i'm having hard time figuring logic how it could be done. I did seperate functions...
  7. Floccer

    Virtual enviroment for bots?

    Hi, i have 1 bot that is made with pyautogui + normal browser to find images and click links/buttons. I was wondering if i could scale it up but this screen reading is limiting me as it needs to be always visible. I'm not entirely sure if its made with canva or what but i haven't found way to...
  8. Floccer

    How to find local sites for backlinks?

    I have been trying to find websites in my local country where i could get backlinks but i cannot find any even from my competitors. At this moment i do not want to get new domain for this. Could i just make some web 2.0 like blogger and create content in native language and use that? Or maybe i...
  9. Floccer

    Backlinks to internal pages that redirect to homepage?

    Hi, Would it be bad to build backlinks to internal page that would only redirect to homepage? No content on those pages. Just backlinks and redirect to homepage.
  10. Floccer

    Nice to see SEO is working

    I have been little frustrated with seo as it seems not to do almost nothing. I can also blame my self the way i have done it but looking the big picture for past year i noticed that i have steadily gained organic presence to my site. As i wan't to have legimite business i think this is the way...
  11. Floccer

    Image gallery from folders with pagination

    Hi I would like to create image gallery for my wordpress site. I was thinking that it would be ok if i somehow would be able to create gallery just from folder and it has pagination, for cpm ads. I had some success with nextgen gallery plugin and i managed to create 2 galleries and add them to...
  12. Floccer

    Wordpress to twitter

    Hi there I got my site running and doing posts. It has featured image and link. I use wp automatic to fetch those. I post to twitter using ifttt and its working but i would like to add hashtags and this is buggin me. If i change ifttt app where i add hashtags i haven't been able to add...
  13. Floccer

    Is this considered bad backlink?

    Hi I have created backlink from another site to my money site that has 302 redirect to offer at another site. Does this count as some kind of backlink or should i change link to my money site that has another link to offer?
  14. Floccer

    Wordpress autopostin to pinterest and instagram?

    Hi I have been creating new site that is automaticly scaping content and i would like to be able to post automaticly to instagram and pinterest but not everytime new post is done. I'm using "revive old posts" plugin to post to twitter few tweets per day. It's paid version would have pinterest...