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  1. hardybents

    SEO Leads

    What is the going rate for SEO Leads now? Lead? Sale? What would people pay for leads? and/or sale?
  2. hardybents

    Hiring Call Center Agents, Agent Brokers, Telemarketers

    We need many agents to make calls for us. We have the infrastructure, only need accent neutralized agents, internet, headset. Pay hourly, weekly, via paypal. We do not play games, we pay every Friday at 5:30pm EST. We have over 75 agents currently, always pay out.
  3. hardybents

    Ideas on Selling a House????

    I have been trying to sell a home for over 1 year. I have decided to Auction it off and take a real gamble? Appraised at over 600K. Anyone have any ideas on how to get max exposure? I am better than average on CL, I plan to blast that within 125 miles (large city is at that radius point...
  4. hardybents

    Can this be done with PPC?

    Is there anything wrong with competing with your competitors name? Meaning: If I have furniture I am selling that say Pottery Barn carries, but at a fraction of the price. Is there a trademark infringement or otherwise, prohibiting me bidding on the keyword "pottery barn"? So the theory is...
  5. hardybents

    Anyone Need Business Cards, 500 for $1.99!!

    With all the talk about SEO business; I thought some guys might need some business cards to get you started. By far the best price I have ever found. 500 business cards for 1.99, thousands of templates.... I didnt really look into that much, I dont know what they charge for shipping, you may...
  6. hardybents

    HUGE Money Potential -- Great Opportunity -- MySQL, PHP, Designer, IM'er WANTED

    To JV or Not to JV, this is my question. I have been looking for a programmer that has MySQL and PHP indepth knowledge for some time. Finding a programmer that has knowledge with IM and has been successful with IM is an anomoly. I have been interviewing like mad on Freelancer etc, even at the...
  7. hardybents

    Voice Broadcasting

    Has anyone tried Voice Broadcasting or voice blasting? I am very interested to know your thoughts, experience, reporting on this. We have been dong trials in small bursts to 1000 at a time? It is very touchy getting everything set up just right, but I have seen some nice responses so far...
  8. hardybents

    Cheap web hosting

    For what its worth, here are some cheap webhosts to do whatever you need to do: Host, burn up their IP's, ? $1.00 and under per month
  9. hardybents

    Looking For a Bot!

    Anyone know of a good Bot for Form Submittal? I have looked at a couple, all with flaws. OR I am looking to pay to have one done. It will need to crawl websites. Niche specific would be ideal. Maybe crawled from Yellow Pages etc? Should have captcha solution with back up built in...
  10. hardybents

    Anyone drink Redline/Energy drinks?

    So this stuff has to be the most potent stuff around. Maybe I am just a lightweight? If there is a stronger one I dont want to try it. I bought a bottle, err the can only drink half the bottle...If you drink the whole bottle it sends you into cardiac arrest. SO I drank half...
  11. hardybents

    $4.95 .COMS, w/free who is

    Just thought you guys may be interested... $4.95 .coms, w/privacy Promo: LOVE Not that bad for a .com
  12. hardybents

    Interactive Website Tool?

    Not really blackhat but was uncertain were to place thread? Wondering if anyone can help me out. I am looking for software that can be incorporated to our site to enable two viewers (me or our sales reps and the prospect) to view together and interact together. Ie: We both goto the site, both...
  13. hardybents


    Its been around for awhile....DOes it still work well? IS it worth 127 mth? OTher options?
  14. hardybents

    Rip Off Report

    Anyone know how to delete a rip off report? Or at best move it down past page 4-5? Will pay for someone with experience that can do it