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  1. englandrm

    Any Tool That Can Scrape Tech WhoIs Data?

    I'm looking to scrape all of the WhoIs data, or just the tech contact. Most tools only grab the Admin contact. Does anyone know a tool like that? I've searched Google and checked out other tools, and they all seem to only grab the Admin; including Scrapebox. Thanks in advance. ~englandrm
  2. englandrm

    Launching a new site for Learning Wordpress/Web Design. Let me know your thoughts and free

    Launching a new website with a friend of mine. It's brand new, and I'm only starting to review the on page content and visitor flow. I'll be tweaking this over the next few days/weeks, but wouldn't mind some outside input. The site is If you use the Coupon Code "BHW"...
  3. englandrm

    How to Bulk Add Watermarks and Intros

    I have a bunch of videos I'd like to add a 6 second intro to, and add a watermark in the bottom right hand corner. I'm currently doing this manually with Camtasia, but I have a few dozen more videos to go and figured it was worth it to see if there was a software option. I'm open to free or...
  4. englandrm

    $5 Via Paypal To Find A Theme That Looks Like This

    I see the them is Athalupa or whatever, but it's customized like crazy and looks like it has a ton of plugins. Anyone know a Wordpress theme that looks like Closest match wins. ~englandrm
  5. englandrm

    What Plugin / Addon is He Using

    Anyone know what the plugin is that puts the blue bar next to the domain? Is it page rank or some sort of authority scale?
  6. englandrm

    $8 On Paypal If You Can Find A WP Theme That Looks Like This

    This link isn't Wordpress, but I'm looking for a theme for a friend. He likes this site for some reason and wants something that looks like it. (I'm going to try and talk him into a better one). It can be paid or free. Preferably on ThemeForest...
  7. englandrm

    Recurring Affiliate Marketing Income Niches

    I'm not asking for specific programs or products, but what are some markets where the person signs up through your affiliate link once; and you receive ongoing money from that one sign up. I'm assuming it will be for a monthly membership site of some sort, but I'm not really sure where to start...
  8. englandrm

    Stop Working Per Hour - Amazing Ebook - Great Read

    This book was just shared on Twitter. Here is the direct download link. It's a quick read and full of solid content. It's also free and you don't need to put your email in. Enjoy. ~englandrm
  9. englandrm

    Trying to approach a huge company. How's My Strategy?

    Situation: Big company. ~1k locations. Headquarters is ~1 hour away from me. Their Problem: Not ranking in the local results for any of their keywords in any location, and they have tons of bad reviews. Solution: Reputation Management and Local SEO. 5-6 figure deal, most likely with recurring...
  10. englandrm

    Really Cheap Domain Names, Private Reg, and SSL Certificates!

    I constantly see people paying full price for domains, private registration, hosting, SSL Certs, and whatever else you may need. This should seem obvious to most, but I'm actually surprised at how many people don't take advantage of it. For example, the other day I needed an SSL certificate for...
  11. englandrm

    [WTB] Single Word .com Domain Name

    Launching a new company with a friend (internet marketing services) and figured I'd let an available .com decide the name. I want it to be a single word, either real or close to real that is also easy to say/spell. I've already gone through Flippa, Sedo, and ExpiredDomains and haven't really...
  12. englandrm

    $100 Website Offer - Please Poke Holes In My Strategy.

    My background: I started out in web design with Wordpress sites, but moved into SEO a few years ago. Clients range anywhere from $300-3,000 per month, and everything is pretty much automated. I've been getting bored recently, and have been bouncing around "big ideas," that can help take my...
  13. englandrm

    Can't get my .com, what should I add to the domain to make a new one?

    XYZ = my ideal company name for branding. is taken is taken. (both have established websites and current companies on them). I want to add something shorter to the domain so that the .com is available. And something that makes it sound professional (Marketing, Consulting...
  14. englandrm

    Anyone know what WP themes are being used?

    A client sent me a few websites they liked, and they're all are built on Wordpress. The name of the theme was changed on all of them, so I'm having trouble finding what the base theme was; assuming that they aren't 100% custom. Does anyone recognize any of the following themes? A direct link...
  15. englandrm

    Need Some Photos Found and Watermarked

    Spot filled.
  16. englandrm

    Running a Facebook Contest.

    I bought an App off CodeCanyon, and setup a Facebook Contest. Basically it's a weekly raffle to win my software, which currently sells for $97. Last week I had 5 entries. This week, I have none. I'm doing PPC (targeting friends of fans of the page, and other paid education software pages), and...
  17. englandrm

    I need 6 Blogs and 6 Corresponding Emails at either Hotmail or Gmail.

    Title says it all. I'll give you specific names that I want for the blogs. You get the email, register at Wordpress, and send me the login info in a spreadsheet. Quite simple, just don't feel like doing it tonight. PM me your price. I'll be paying over Paypal when job is successfully completed...
  18. englandrm

    Software CD Fulfillment with a unique product ID

    Can anyone recommend a service that can do this? I want to start with 100-500 CD's Possibly a DVD Case Printed Front 2 Sided Insert full color Unique software key for each product. I have a list. EAN on the back I'm looking around, but CD keys really don't seem to be a popular feature on these...
  19. englandrm

    Leveraging Incoming Affiliate Links for SEO

    I've been fooling around with affiliate programs on some of my sites, and have noticed a decent amount of links coming in from people who are interested in promoting my products. These links are in some prominent locations, a lot are "do-follow," the anchor texting is decent, and I really want...
  20. englandrm

    Penguin Recovery - Disavow Link Tool Live At Google!

    They've been talking about it for months, and its finally released. Not the most ideal tool in the world, but it looks like it could provide a decent amount of help in recovery. Hopefully it will help those stubborn sites get a move on it. Enjoy ~englandrm