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  1. kojakfull

    Looking for phone numbers for google PVA

    Hi, Anyone knows a reliable website that provide phone numbers that will work on google account creation. It should have an option to receive the text on their website so we can automate the process. Thanks
  2. kojakfull

    Paypal Reserve

    Anyone got this paypal reserve restrictions? Paypal is putting all my new sales to reserve until i reach $x,xxx for 180 days. Anyone experience the same sitiuation? Did you get your money our of reserve after 180 days?
  3. kojakfull

    Is there a way to wildcard search for email address on google?

    Normally we can search like "Keyword" + "" And it will list a result with email addresses. Is there a way to have a wildcard on search to show all the email extensions on the search?
  4. kojakfull

    [METHOD] How to rank your comment on the new youtube system!

    So youtube just implemented the new youtube system that we are hearing about. Some youtube comment spammers are dreadful for this day but it turns its not that bad and still exploitable. Here are some pros and cons I noticed from the latest update. Pros: Live url on your comment! Editable...
  5. kojakfull

    Way to login to on a browser?

    Is there any way to login to your on normal browser like firefox and chrome? Thanks
  6. kojakfull

    How to upload profile pictures on instagram via PC?

    Is there any other alternative other than bluestacks? Thanks
  7. kojakfull

    [FREE] I will put your comment on Top Comments section on any videos you like!

    Hi Guys, I am giving a FREE youtube comment upvote service. I will give up to 3 top comments per user. To request, just fill the details below: Video URL: __________________ Commenter username: _____________ Exact comment: __________________ You can post it here or PM me these details. I...
  8. kojakfull

    Social signal provider panel script?

    Hey Guys, What kind of script are the social signals sellers on the BST using? Example: Client side: - The customers can register then login - They can add orders Admin side: - Can see all the activity of the users - Approve orders - etc etc.. Please let me know where to...
  9. kojakfull

    Youtube Blaster! AllinOne YT Software! Likes,Subs,Comment Upvote,Mass messenger and more!!

    Check the video demos and details at Youtube Blaster .com If you're doubting the comment upvote feature of this bot. You can request a FREE "make your comment on top service" on this THREAD...
  10. kojakfull

    Most active time on bhw?

    Hey guys, Anyone know what time most of the users online here? Im planning to launch a product and looking for the best time to make it live. Thanks
  11. kojakfull

    FREE Youtube Comment Upvote Service - I will make your comment a TOP COMMENT on any video

    Hi Guys, I am giving a free youtube comment upvote service. This is the demo of what i will do with your comment One top comment per user only for this free service. To request, just fill the details below: Video URL: __________________ Commenter...
  12. kojakfull

    Whois like site without or high query limit?

    Is there a website that allow high volume of request from the same IP? Im sure this is possible because scrapebox is already doing it. I am using scrapebox whois scraper for 1000 urls without using a proxy. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks
  13. kojakfull

    Is there a WP plugin like this exist already?

    Im looking for a plugin that does this below: Enter your own survey questions Add an optin page after all the questions When the user hit the submit button it will automatically redirect to the url you specify It's basically a survey wordpress plugin. Let me know if you know...
  14. kojakfull

    Any rising social exchange site right now?

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a good social exchange site in alternative to all the sites listed to my signature. Im looking for this to add to my all in one social exchange bots package but before that I will release a free version on this forum category for you guys. Like this one free...
  15. kojakfull

    Wordpress plugin programmer

    Hey Guys, I need a simple wordpress plugin. Here are some key features of the plugin - Add survey questions to a page - Setup autoresponders account - Capture email to the selected auto responder That's it! For more detailed requirements please let me know by commenting or sending me...
  16. kojakfull

    Cakeslice or iframe question

    For example I created this code below using cakeslice <div style="overflow: hidden; width: 716px; height: 252px; position: relative;" id="i_div"><iframe name="i_frame" src="" style="border: 0pt none ; left: -59px; top: -152px; position: absolute; width: 1204px...
  17. kojakfull

    Need tips on arcade site

    Guys, I wanted to start an arcade site. Need help on few things... Please suggest a good arcade site script Is it better to host the arcade games or hotlink it? Which arcade niche is the best? Any input will be much appreciated.. Regards
  18. kojakfull

    Instagram registration on PC?

    Is there an easy way to register on instagram on PC? Is there a registration link? Can't find any... Thanks
  19. kojakfull

    Pacquiao VS Marquez Part IV

    In a few hours these gentlemen will box to the ring again for the fourth time! So who do you think gonna win? \ If there's someone's wanna bet just PM me. Im open up to $500 bet. Of course im with pacquiao! :)
  20. kojakfull

    Bermanhosting coupon?

    Hey Guys, I purchased bermanhosting vps months ago with blackhatworld coupon discount. But i cant seem to remember it. Please let me know if you know it. Planning to purchase again today. Regards