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  1. kayzne

    I Need a PHP Genius, Familiar with API's and Greatness.

    PM me your hourly rate, IQ and a reason.
  2. kayzne

    Easy Money. Create Social Accounts for me. ( not bulk )

    I need 1 account created on each of these sites: Google+ /Gmail ( to be used with the accounts below & to check validity ) Blogger/Blogspot Delicious Diigo Evernote/ Facebook Flickr FriendFeed Instapaper LinkedIn LiveJournal Pinterest...
  3. kayzne

    Need a Perl Script Converted to PHP.

    Hey, I need a perl script converted to php with an accompanying MySQL db. Please Bid. Here's the code: Main CGI: #!/usr/bin/perl use CGI::Carp 'fatalsToBrowser'; use CGI qw (:standard); require ""; open(ACT, "$file"); flock(ACT, 2); @act = <ACT>; flock(ACT...
  4. kayzne

    This Method Made Me Thousands. Unsaturated Gold Mine.

    Being as tho I retired from the black hat scene, I figured I'd share this golden nugget with you all. You can build a sustainable residual income that you can duplicate over n over, some knowledge is required, which is why i'm not worried about it becoming saturated, many who read this will not...
  5. kayzne

    [JOB] Data Entry. $25 PayPal.

    Hey, Need some data entry done. I'm moving content and information from one script to another. The data to be entered consists of text only. There are 36 entries with sub sections. This essentially a copy and paste job. php & mysql Experience is an asset as it will save you time...
  6. kayzne

    [JOB] Simple Data Entry - PayPal Payment.

    I'm moving a database of rental properties to a new script. There's about 40 properties with pictures. You'll need to download the pics, and re-upload them and copy n paste some information. Paying 50 cents per property entered. PM or reply if interested. Please be willing to start...
  7. kayzne

    Rules To Follow When Working With a Creative Person. [ THE STUFF WE NEVER TALK ABOUT ]

    Hey, as you may or may not know i've developed brands for massively successful businesses over the years, i've worked with some of the best people, and some of the biggest pricks you can imagine and after helping 100's of people with their design work personally in the past few years I have some...
  8. kayzne

    Music to get You FiReD uP! :)

  9. kayzne

    Need GMAIL PVA's - Get at me.

    Need about 100.
  10. kayzne

    The Funniest WSO I've Ever Written...Seriously it's jokes. Enjoy. :)

    P.S. If you are a WF member, I need some reviews, Hit me up for a free copy.
  11. kayzne

    [ Step by Step Method + Software ] How To Send Spam Email and INBOX 100% - Everytime.

    Some of you might remember my Automated Yahoo Groups Method I released here years ago. Here's a lil trick you can use to send 1000's of emails that will inbox 100% of the time. Problem: Reputation-based spam filters. Solution: Get Yahoo to send your spam for you. Overview: Yahoo groups...
  12. kayzne

    [GET] POF - Plenty Of Fish - Stay Online Bot FREE

    POF Stay Online Bot This is a simple bot I made with Ubot to keep your accounts online, simply login and move it will move you around the site, keeping you online. Download Virus Scan File Info Report date: 2011-12-13 12:35:10 (GMT 1) File name: pofstayonline-exe File size: 2041902 bytes...
  13. kayzne

    BHW Logo Photoshop Phuck Up.

    Who else noticed this?
  14. kayzne

    Here's a Making Money Method You've Never Thought Of

    It's pretty simple really, most websites rarely name their pictures. The competition in google images, is about half or less than half of web results. You can take advantage of this. How? you are probably asking. Well, you need to pick a niche first and the most spammed niches are...
  15. kayzne

    The 48 Laws Of Power - A MUST Read.

    I am reading this, thought i would share. Must read for anyone who wants to gain, recognize or protect themselves from power. Law 1 Never Outshine the Master Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please or impress them, do not go too far in...
  16. kayzne

    [$20 WORK] Need $1-$2 Webhosts

    First person to send me a legitimate list of 20 web hosting companies that charge $1-$2 per month will make $20 Here's the catch, and its IMPORTANT: They must be on a monthly billing cycle NOT ANNUALLY. I also need them to accept paypal. Thanks!
  17. kayzne

    [WORK] Data Entry Job - Get Quick Funds

    Hey guys. Here's what i need to do. I have a website that needs data entered into it. What I will need you to do is, take some data from another website, and transfer it over to mine. One database entry consists of about 5 fields of information. I need about 50 entries. If you can...
  18. kayzne

    I'm sad.

    Broke up with the g/f today, I'm sad. Someone post something to cheer me up please!
  19. kayzne

    I Need a VBA to Verify Gaypal. Hook me up.

    As title suggests. PM me with prices.
  20. kayzne

    Critique My Logo!!

    Hey guys, I see a lot of people asking this, so I figured i would too, why not. I'm workin on a newbie site, what do you think of the logo I made for it?