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  1. partymarty4870

    facebook ads and clickthru's to your site

    I've been having some good success with facebook ads lately and thought I'd share how. There's nothing too underhanded or black hat so don't worry about that, I'm just using how facebook presents images to get much higher rate of clickthru's than usual. The image below is an example of the...
  2. partymarty4870 - any other addicts here?

    It's an online virtual Volvo round the world yacht race. It's the perfect online game for me. It takes about 1 minute an hour.
  3. partymarty4870

    Animate those ads NOW!

    Bit of a no brainer, I know, but if you haven't already, make an animated version of all your ads. I hadn't used flash for years and was putting this off for months. I hate relearning software. So a couple of days ago I downloaded a cracked version of banner designer pro from TPB. It was so...
  4. partymarty4870

    Scrapebox support rock

    A few of you may of seen my whinging and carrying on during the last week as I had to reinstall and redownload absolutely everything due to a motherboard shitting itself. (while on holidays, and with a corrupted backup, so having to do data recovery on my HDD's) Well I've actually had a good...
  5. partymarty4870

    Problem for them, bonus for us

    I'm not a facebook marketer, but even I could see a couple of gems in this report. What it basically says is use a fake account with lots of friends to like absolutely everything you post to get a much higher presence on their walls. (I don't see the problem :)). From a webpronews email I just...
  6. partymarty4870

    just in case you were wondering................

    windows 8 fucking sucks infected donkeys balls!
  7. partymarty4870

    An Aussie living in Thailand - maybe

    Me and the wife had a bit of a brainwave the other night while sitting around the campfire. We realised that there is practically nothing stopping us from picking up the business and moving to somewhere like Thailand for a year or two. Now I know that I'll need to get better more accurate...
  8. partymarty4870

    web design cost question for my indian friends

    I'm in the process of getting a big new site built and have been working with an indian company that's a bit of an industry leader in designing systems for my field. My ball park figure in my head was a cost of about A$30000, if I got the site designed in Australia. I've been given a rough...
  9. partymarty4870 web designers - anyone ever used/know these guys?

    I'm doing a total redesign and stumbled across these guys. They look pretty professional to me, but you never can really tell from just a site. I'm a little wary of using an overseas company (they are indian), as I've always like to have face to face meetings with people, but I've been in the...
  10. partymarty4870

    Gmail ad sizes

    Simple question really, does anyone know the standard/most widely used ad sizes inside gmail. As I only use gmail for automated sign-ups I just can't see any ads in the 100's of accounts I own! (well I've checked about 10)
  11. partymarty4870

    [NEED] - someone to open fill out captcha on 80 emails

    I need someone to login and fill out a captcha on about 80 emails. You'll obviously need a list of proxies I need this done immediately, that's why this job is posted here and not fiverr pay is $5 (aussie) via paypal
  12. partymarty4870

    Adwords Quality Score is pointless

    Don't get too caught up in trying to optimise your landing page to get a high quality score. I'm pretty sure it's solely determined by your ad text and what keywords are contained in your display url and landing page url. How do I know this? I was just playing around setting up a campaign for a...
  13. partymarty4870

    can someone ping an IP for me - having VPS connection issues

    Can someone do me a huge favour and ping the IP of my VPS, It'll take you about 30 seconds:) reply below and I'll PM you the IP
  14. partymarty4870

    this site is running a spamming comp - can you make the top 20

    well kind of.............
  15. partymarty4870

    So you want to spread the word how evil google is?

    I was just on the google whinge forums and saw a topic that'll have much longer "anti-google" legs than your IM related drama's. It seems that they're blocking " right to life" (anti abortion) sites from certain adwords searches. Now little miss average out there in facebook land is much more...
  16. partymarty4870

    Anyone using the new gTLD's yet?

    I've bought a few and am planning to put up a pretty big regional site as a Since last year I've had no rankings to really speak of, so figure I haven't really got anything to lose. I'm just wondering if anyones ranking them yet.
  17. partymarty4870

    anyone seen this shit - why fucking bother?
  18. partymarty4870

    easiest way to buy cryptocurrency

    this obviously won't apply to crypto's like bitcoin and litecoin, but is a quick and easy way to grab a few of the speculative kinda ones like dogecoin etc. Rather than fucking around buying bitcoin and then trading it for them simply go to ebay. Sure you'll pay a 50-100% premium for doing...
  19. partymarty4870

    Partnering with an airline - FUCK YEAH!!!

    I just had to tell someone, and the office is empty. This'll be worth at least an extra 20K per month (maybe up to 50K) and will now allow me to hire an extra 2/3 staff. I am so going to crack a bottle of French tonight, and maybe even treat myself to an 8 ball to go with it!