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    Need Hostgator Coupon Quick

    First One I'm Signing up with it
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    Best Source For Contractor Flash Website Templates?

    Hi Guys, I've got a remodeling contractor who wants me to build a website for him and I'm trying to find the best templates to show him to choose from. Can someone PLEASE tell me where the best contractor flash website templates are? I looked on Wix and couldn't find any that looked...
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    My YT Vids Have Ads on Bottom So Who's Getting Paid From Them?

    Hi Guys, I have a youtube account that I've had for quite some time and I just noticed that ads appear at the bottom of them. I never signed up for rev share with youtube so I'm just wondering why they're showing up and who is getting paid when someone clicks on them.. solely youtube? thanx
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    Is There A Tool For Auto Changing Computer's User Account?

    Hi I'm looking for the best way (ie tool/add-on/extension etc) to change User Account on my computer and also the User-Agent on the fly using Chrome preferably.. or Firefox (I have Windows Vista). I'm trying to ensure that ebay cant see its me since I had a previous account banned and I...
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    OUCH...... ISPs To Monitor for Copyright Infringement

    Looks like big brother continues his intrusive ugly ways... (full article can be found HERE) The nation?s major internet service providers on Monday said they are beginning to roll out an initiative to disrupt internet access for online copyright scofflaws. The so-called ?Copyright Alert...
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    Ebayers: Where Can I Get An Ebay Account w/Paypal?

    Anyone? I've been looking for some where to purchase an ebay account in order to purchase ebay items when i need to. I looked at BuyVCC but they are non-responsive to my communications. Any other viable sources?
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    Anyone know much about this private forum (IMGrind) and whether its worth the monthly cost?
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    Free Opportunity Videos

    Hi I'm looking for generic free videos I can use for my capture page for an opportunity that I'm marketing (a home-based business opportunity). Are there any on BHW anywhere? been looking but havent seen any.... thanks!
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    FIREFOX 5.0 And Deleting Cookies...

    Hi Whats the best tool add-on to use for deleting ALL cookies even those (flash cookies) in one quick easy click so that I can post ads on cl and bp? I was using Cookie Culler and Better Privacy before I upgraded but they dont seem to work the same now with 5.0. thanks!!
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    Cheapest .com Domains??

    where are the cheapest .com's now? it used to be but it looks like they've gone up now.
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    FREE Voice Mail Service??

    Anybody know of another free voice mail service that will give you a free phone number also other than
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    How To Duplicate a WP Site?

    Hi guys (& gals) -hoping someone can help to explain the easiest way that I can port (duplicate) my entire WP site onto another persons hosting account who wants the exact same website for their own? Here's my site located on Bluehost and I want to duplicate it onto his Hostgator account...
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    Someone PLEASE! Help Me Download This Vid?

    I've tried everything I know but I cant download this vid - can someone tell me what the secret is? or download it for me? BIGTIME thanks to who does!
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    HELP How to Get Rid Of Search Box on WP Site?

    Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the search box on my wp site? Big thanx!
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    Need Help Finding a WP Theme...

    Hi, I've been trying to find a very attractive eye catching theme for my biz and hoping that someone can help... I'm trying to find a good theme that can be used as a landing page for sales agents to use who will be marketing an in-house no credit check financing product to small & medium...
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    How To Convert the Audio Of a Vid to Text?

    Anyone? I have a .flv video and also a mp4 video that I'd like to convert the audio and have it put into a text file like Word or something... what software will do this??. Anyone pls? Thanks!
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    Finding Biz Forums

    Hi, Can someone tell me the best way I can find online popular/populated forums where business owners tend to migrate and visit? (particularly I'm looking for owners of auto repair and heating & air businesses). I've tried google but no luck. Is there search engine specifically for finding...
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    Profitable Merchandise You Can Sell On Ebay or Amazon

    If you want to add to your array of products you currently sell on Ebay or Amazon Marketplace or wherever you currently sell whether online or offline. I have a list of good fast selling items with good profit spread for you. If interested I'll be happy to send you a sample list of some of...
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    [ JV ] I Supply Merchandise You Sell Online (Ebay or Amazon)

    Simple proposal I supply a variety of merchandise for listing (merchandise is consumer favorites thus easy to sell) and you sell online, preferably using your Ebay or Amazon Marketplace account but anywhere is fine so long as its effective. Interested? PM me for more info. Thanks
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    FREE .com

    FYI... Just sharing a promotion with the community what I came across hope others can benefit (if helpful it thanks ;)):