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  1. tap1on

    Bulk SMS Provider

    Hi, I'm looking for a bulk SMS service provider. These are all opt-in numbers from my app and I would like to be able to send them news, promotions etc. Anyone got any pointers?
  2. tap1on

    Need VPS that you can change the IP easly

    As the title says. I need a VPS that you can change the IP pretty easy on.
  3. tap1on

    From Brazil? Easy money here

    Hello, If you are from Brazil and own a newer android phone, at least v2.2 you are in luck. I'm looking for someone to save ads and the url on those ads. I will pay good money for a super simple job. PM if you are from Brazil and have an android.
  4. tap1on

    Looking for Private Label Male Enhancement

    Hi, I'm looking for a company that does male enhancement pills and we can use our own label. Please send me a PM.
  5. tap1on

    Looking for a Laughing gas, n2o, cream gas Supplier

    Hi, I'm looking for wholesale on n2o gas, please PM me.
  6. tap1on

    Looking for Dermaroller

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who sells dermarollers. PM me with skype/email details.
  7. tap1on

    Looking for eCig dropshipper

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who dropships eCigs. Please PM me
  8. tap1on

    Xrumer blast

    Hi! I'm looking for a xrumer blast with atleast 1000 valid profiles and I need it asap. Please PM me.
  9. tap1on

    PSD to wordpress

    Hi! I've just bought a PSD-design for my wordpress site and I wonder if anyone can help me converting it? PM me how much you will charge.
  10. tap1on

    Best hosting for autobloggs?

    Hi! I'm getting started with autblogging and wonder what host you guys would recommend? WHM would be nice but not required.
  11. tap1on

    Pagerank on forumprofiles

    Hi! Tried to search but didn't have any luck so here goes. I've always been wondering about the PR of the forumprofiles one create. Say the domains pagerank is 5, is the profiles rank 5 aswell?
  12. tap1on

    9 **************** profiles pr 5-6

    Hi, just scraped some forumprofiles that works and want to share them with you guys! pr6 pr6 pr6 pr6 pr6 pr5...