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  1. mtime88

    Looking for skilled programmer

    I am looking for a bot that will scrape the anchor text's from a page and export them to a text file. very simple job please pm with turnaround time and price
  2. mtime88

    Writers/Rewriters Make $1000/Month Residual Income

    Writers Make $1000/Month Residual Income We are looking for SEO article rewriters/writers to team up with. We have a team of seo specialist, link builders, and designers and are looking for writers to create several sites a day. Will provide niches for writers to write on; mostly...
  3. mtime88

    View All Pages of a website ?

    I am looking for a tool that will list all the urls on a specific website or page.
  4. mtime88

    Looking to JV with someone who can produce content! I have xrumer

    I have xrumer and a link building strategy. I can also design sites, I am looking for someone who can write articles or have them written for mini sites.
  5. mtime88

    Looking for someone who can build link wheels daily

    pm if you can with unique content.
  6. mtime88

    Want to hire someone to manage xrumer

    I am looking for someone to manage my xrumer posting and hrefer. I will teach everything how to use the tool and daily sites to blast. You can be paid or will receive xrumer use.
  7. mtime88

    Looking for someone to spin my craigslist ad

    Looking for someone to make my ad spun 100 times making it over 40% unique. PM with rate and timeframe.
  8. mtime88

    Need A Sraper

    I need name, address, and phone number sraped from a directory site.
  9. mtime88

    Looking for JV with a Programmer/ Web Designer

    Looking to have a site built with backend for offline project. This is a big money project but getting the site built is the first step. If you are interested PM or IM me
  10. mtime88

    Very Simple Design Job should take 5 minutes- $7

    I am looking for someone to place an absolute blank white image over part of an iframe on my page.
  11. mtime88

    Mass Posting in FB Groups

    Anybody doing it? If so do you have trouble with facebook deleting post? Maybe due to URL? let me know.
  12. mtime88

    What is the max you'd milk one offer for?

    What's the maximum you've earned with one offer in a month, using black hat?
  13. mtime88

    Need some one to iFrame Offer

    Need some to iframe offer and blank refer...
  14. mtime88

    WTH Mailer for about 3k Emails A Week

    Message me if interested...
  15. mtime88

    Looking for Article Writer for JV

    PM me for more details would probably be around 30 articles a week.
  16. mtime88

    Need to exchange Paypal for Epassporte

    Can anyone do this? I need to buy something with epassporte and only have paypal. I will throw in 100k xrumer post for anyone who can help. Must be someone atleast semi reputable
  17. mtime88

    Want to partner with Youtube expert

    Basicly if you are good at getting traffic from youtube I am looking to partner up this would be 50/50 pm me for me details if interested
  18. mtime88

    Email/Zip Shaving?

    Has anyone had a problem with a lot of your email and zip offers not being counted?
  19. mtime88

    GETXrumer $180

    Looking for one more person to split xrumer with. It is already me and another BHW member splitting it on a server, so we need one more person to purchase it with. You would need your own server or could run it on your pc.
  20. mtime88

    Xrumer Server Questions?

    Anyone who has Xrumer What kind of server are you running it on Dedicated or VPS? How much RAM? How much bandwidth? Also would it be efficient on a VPS?