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  1. Banik_Babe

    Ask me anyting about Google Ads Campaign

    I just want one code for my new business.
  2. Banik_Babe

    Ask me anyting about Google Ads Campaign

    How to get google promo credits? Please help me if you have!
  3. Banik_Babe

    Finding a digital product to sell online{HELP}

    I know you'll say if you would know the answer you would have set up a store by now. But Still... I'm looking to set up a store and sell some digital goods. It a very good and easy way to makemoney. I already have a store that sells a product but I want to add more products. The best thing...
  4. Banik_Babe

    How to Send Bulk Marketing Emails?

    Hey guys, I have an established blog and I want to send Marketing Emails to a target audience. I have over 5000 Emails that I have collected from a competitor's data leak. I was using Mailchimp all this while but now their free quota isn't helping me. What cheap ways can I use? I have heard...
  5. Banik_Babe

    [Question] Why do people buy used Google Ads Accounts?

    I wonder the same. Following this question
  6. Banik_Babe

    Just stated Blogging 4 days ago..

    I have been blogging since 2 years now. I have been there and done that. My advice to you is to be create as much as quality content that you can. Just fill your website with good quality blogs that helps people! A couple of years later(organically) you will start getting noticed by search...
  7. Banik_Babe

    Letter to MHRA for IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION of Sars-Cov-2 Injections

    Things lawyers have to do for money! This only amounts to bullshit and no tort or "corporate manslaughter" :poop::poop:
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    [Mega Giveaway] Everyone will get UNLIMITED FREE Wordpress Themes and Plugins of your Choice!

    here you go
  9. Banik_Babe

    Why doesn't Google index my site?

    almost 2 months with 2 different domains.... still not indexed. I think it is going to take a couple of months. Just don't stop working on your sites. Keep positing new content have sites connect to you and get some social signals like facebook like, shares etc. Google will eventually find you
  10. Banik_Babe

    $10800 Bitcoin Bottom Confirmed ???

    I want to know where you live.
  11. Banik_Babe

    Making money with covid new variant

    The best BS post on the Internet!
  12. Banik_Babe

    1 month old TTS quotes YT channel with 135k Subs

    The only business I can think of generating through these type of yt channels is that after growing the channel to a certain number of subs, they sell it and the buyer converts the channel to a niche with a similar audience and then monetize the new content. Seems logical?
  13. Banik_Babe

    [help] I have an Email List on PDF. How do I extract the text?

    Thanks! This solved the problem! Thousands of people are receiving unwanted email for you now :D:D
  14. Banik_Babe

    [help] I have an Email List on PDF. How do I extract the text?

    I have thousands of email addresses written on a PDF but I don't want to copy paste each Individual adresses. Anyway I can copy the text or bulk email extractor from the pdf? I hope I could make sense!
  15. Banik_Babe

    Envato Elements Giveaway. This pleaseeee? Thanks
  16. Banik_Babe

    ✅⚡️GloVoice TTS⚡️- Text to Speech convertor for your online videos ⚡️ 200+ Voices ✅ Starts at $6.99 ❤️ FREE TRIALS FOR EVERYONE ❤️

    Received a Review copy. I signed up and tried the service. It's easy to use. Voices are pretty nice and useable. The pricing is reasonable. You can easily use them for any projects or especially YouTube cashcow videos. Recommended.