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  1. mangobajito

    My Journey to motivate myself - [CPA/PPI]

    My target is to reach 100$/day My earnings are very little as of now. Those earnings are from a site which was ranked on page 1, I got 1st spot but some other guy outranked my site which dropped my earnings. What to DO : My daily task Outrank the other guy's website and make dis site to...
  2. mangobajito

    Need Help in downloading a file..

    Can anyone from USA help me to download a file.. Cpa offer to be completed to get that file. As i am from india, though i completed the offer i cant download the file.. I know its a fake file but just to check the content in that file. The site is no way related to me. I am even ready to pay...
  3. mangobajito

    Any solution to avoid links in posts

    I am using external download site link [with button image] in every post my traffic has been dropped from G if we use shortened url .. can we get back Does G treats external links as spam? How to get red of dis situation? Can we use nofollow for particular links in the wordpress posts?
  4. mangobajito

    Earn Some Extra Money for Almost doing nothing - Worked for me

    Recently i have liked my local city page which has almost 9k likes Admin daily post city updates , local news , hangout pics ,etc the page is very active and for every post it is getting upto 120 likes So i thought of monetizing it ,I asked the admin for a meet in my area and made a business...
  5. mangobajito

    Best WP theme for authority site?

    Can anyone suggest a Gud one which theme you prefer for an authority site
  6. mangobajito

    Addon domain creating a subdomain for mainone

    I have added new domain to hosting .. ex:- it created a subdomain in my maindomain ... ex- is it normal or does it create any future problems for seo
  7. mangobajito

    can anybody help me in downloading a ppd file

    i am trying to download a file but surveys are not available for my country can anyone help me in getting that file. thank you
  8. mangobajito

    Yay amazon launched in india

    amazon . in before der is junglee site for indians from amazon just to check the products and prices from different site now amazon officially launched
  9. mangobajito

    28k likes in 8 days

    watch this fb page got 28k real likes in 8 days
  10. mangobajito

    Can anyone suggest thesis skin for adsense

    What thesis skin is best for adsense which skin generating better results for you
  11. mangobajito

    Can we find how someone getting traffic from

    Is der anyway to find -- where the traffic coming for someones site
  12. mangobajito

    Are you Bored -- Get girls from your location by dis way

    What do u need for dis? ---> Smart phone ---> flirting techniques Method Download " wechat " app in your mobile go to social and then open look around Click arrow on top of the tab select view females only it shows you all the girls who r using wechat with in your circle go get them
  13. mangobajito

    Facing a Interview next week -- Any tips

    Any tips or suggestions Interview in the company which we daily open in every tab Thank you,
  14. mangobajito

    Is der anyway for USA postage verification

    Like phone verification is der any method for postage verifications
  15. mangobajito

    Does affillion network had content locker?

    Does anyone working with affillion network. Do they have content locker?
  16. mangobajito

    How many day it takes for ADCENTER ads to go LIVE and what type of keywords do you prefer?

    I am working on a coupon activated adcenter account, My ads went live for one campaign but no clicks only imp , so stopped it and deleted the campaign Now started a fresh campaign it shows active but not even impressions seen in this campaign. Is the problem with the keywords or for every...
  17. mangobajito

    Any Trail Offers For VPS

    I am searching for US vps [windows] can i find any vps to test it before buy [trail offer]
  18. mangobajito

    How Many Clicks Can We Expect for the site in #1 First Page

    How Many Clicks Can We Expect monthly for the site in #1 First Page [adsense ads] Global monthly searches around 12000 for the main keyword it has heatmap theme
  19. mangobajito

    Anyone Making Clickbank Sales Through TORRENTS?

    Why everytime cpa with torrents Why not cps with torrents Does anyone got sales through torrent traffic I dont have VPN ,So i need to test with my own connection, If anyone had success motivate me
  20. mangobajito

    Anyone want NAMECHEAP 0.98$ promo code -only one available

    I am not going to use it Let me know if anyone want it