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    Link Fortification - What are your thoughts?

    A few years ago, I was doing subcontracted SEO for one of my friends who was an affiliate, but still had real clients. He promised his clients only white hat SEO, but instructed me to structure my links in a way that would mask any blackhat methods. The way he explained it to me was like...
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    Starting an Affiliate Network

    If this thread is seen as spam, you can delete it. It's not my intention... I wont provide any links, I'm just asking for advice. I recently started my own affiliate network selling SEO services, affiliate services, etc... I'm not asking anyone to sign up for it yet because I don't have any...
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    Affiliate Script Needed (WP Plugin?)

    Hey Blackhatters, I'm building a new site, and it's built on Wordpress. It's basically an ecommerce site (I won't bore you with the details). Does anyone know of an affiliate tracking wordpress plugin? I tried searching the downloads section, but I couldn't find anything. I'm using Magic...
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    Premium Content Plugin for Wordpress?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a premium content plugin for wordpress, any suggestions? I want to charge a membership fee for members to access exclusive content on my site. There's one for Joomla that I saw, but I hate Joomla. Am I crazy, or is a good plugin like this hard to come by? I know...
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    Don't use VigLink - A Formal Warning

    So I was recently testing viglink on one of my blogs, and I am not happy with the results. I set up a post promoting a product that I make 2-3 conversions a day on, and it just so happens that viglink can monetize as well. I placed the viglink javascript on the page, and re-wrote the post. I...
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    How did they do this?!?

    I have a phpLD directory set up on one of my domains, and I installed a script that approves pending links every 24 hours using cron jobs. Recently, I decided to see how many listings were in my directory, and there's around 20k different listings. At fist, I wrote it off as spam, and didn't...
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    HUGE List of Bookmarking Sites 10,000+

    Here's a list I found on someone's blog today. It's a really big list of bookmarking sites. Some of them could not be determined by BMD, but the majority of the sites imported and are working great. 10,000 Social Bookmarking Sites Don't forget to click the thanks button!
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    Link Harvesting with Blog Comment Demon

    I purchased blog comment demon a little over a year ago, and I was really disappointed with it. They recently changed the program, and now BCD can be used to harvest links, and it seems to be pretty good at it too. So, this program that sucked originally is now one of my favorite link...
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    phpFox Macro Needed

    Not sure if any of you guys build links on phpFox powered sites, if not, you probably should give it a try, there's a lot of good opportunity.. My problem is: I tried making a a macro that will automatically search for sites that are powered by phpFox, find the registration page, register...