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    Which paraphrasing tool/library to use for spam blogs?

    I generally use Quillbot for paraphrasing but it cannot be used at scale. Can you all let me know which paraphraser to use for mass paraphrasing?
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    How to outreach to small youtubers in my niche?

    I wanted to know how to contact smaller youtube channels. I have tried contacting them through the contact information provided in their about us page but to no avail. I have also tried the comments section but all my comments gets deleted. My niche is mod apk niche.
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    My site is getting deindexed. Please help

    Older posts on my site are getting deindexed. It did improved for a while but it started deindexing again. The newer posts are indexing fine. I have not made any backlinks nor did I got attacked by any negative seo. The site is 7 months old. Please suggest what should I do.
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    Do Blogspot links work like crazy?

    I am working in a low competition niche and I see many of my competitors are having shit ton of blogspot links. Almost all of these links are pointed to their images. I just want to know if it is the reason for their rankings and should I even consider using this strategy?
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    Is Ranker X still worth it?

    I wanted to know if Ranker X is still a good enough tool for ranking low to medium competition keywords. Also, does Ranker X links gets indexed? I am also open to suggestions for any other tool since I haven't bought it yet.
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    Is Jarvee still relevant for Pinterest in 2021?

    Is Jarvee still relevant for Pinterest in 2021? Also, I am planning to further grow my pinterest account(currently at 100k unique monthly viewers), so is it worth the grind? It's almost been a year since I started the account? Also, is there any better alternative than Jarvee?
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    Google is randomly dropping my posts from index.

    My site is 4 months old and it has about 400 posts. It is in the software downloads niche. My new posts are indexing fine but the old ones are dropping off the index randomly. I agree that earlier I used to have thin content but I updated them all with about 700-800 words unique content but...
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    Which GPT-3 model is conversion ai using?

    I have heard they are using gpt 3-ada. Do you have any ideas on this?
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    Does anyone have a pinterest business account?

    I want a Pinterest business account with some monthly viewers. Niche is not a problem. If anyone has it then please PM me.
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    Does anyone have a pinterest business account?

    I want a pinterest business account with some monthly viewers. Niche is not a problem. If anyone has it then please PM me.
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    Google Adsense shows 9 times more ad impressions than pageviews.

    I have a quiz website. Each quiz has 15 questions with each page having 1 question. I have two ad units on each such page. Hence the maximum number of ad impressions should be twice that of the number of pageviews but I see that it is 9 times more. It only happened today after I disabled auto...
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    Is negative SEO still a thing?

    I have a website in the quotes niche targeting very high volume, low competition and low cpc keywords (Majority Indian traffic). It is over 6 months old and was getting over 20k visits per day(though I was earning very less). A couple of weeks back I saw a drop on few keyword positions and...
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    Does Ranker X still works?

    I am a newbie in this field. I am just curious to know that if tools like Ranker X or Money Robot still works? If anyone has any recent experience ranking using these tools please share.
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    How to setup an expired domain?

    I want to setup an expired domain such that its DA/PA, TF/CF doesn't gets lost. Can someone suggest on how to do it properly?
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    Can we make a living on Blogging?

    I am a newbie blogger and living in India. I just wanted to know is blogging a long time income source or rather I should depend on a college degree? I really love blogging and also have an adsense website which is just starting to take off with about 500 visitors per day. Please share your...
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    Reduce bounce rate

    I have a website in the quotes niche. Every post has more than 10 images, the content is to the point but still the bounce rate is always over 90%. All my competitors have similar figures but still I want to beat them fast?C you all suggest ways on how to reduce it?
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    Expired Domain for setting up Money site

    Will an expired domain lose all its value (TF, CF, DA, PA) if I set up a new website in the same niche? And what if I set up it on a related niche?
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    I am a new member. You people are awesome