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    Decent web 2.0 account creation software

    Does anyone know of any good web 2.0 creation software that actually has decent results? I have tried many - all end up with terrible results over time. SE nuke, Ultimate Demon etc - they all start off ok but then over time the success rate goes way down. I am not looking for perfection but I...
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    Outsource methods to post negative info, negative tweets etc

    There are 100s of methods shared here for getting likes, posting positive reviews, creating fanpages etc. I am in need of the opposite - I need to find outsourcers who can post negative reviews, create an anti-fanpage, create negative tweets etc (nothing illegal or slanderous). This is NOT for...
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    New hosting service is offering 5 weeks free VPS hosting, no contract

    Just came across this today. You can sign up for the low level server for free for about 5 weeks. They do not charge you after that, it is just turned off if you choose not to sign up. I am gonna grab one and throw a site up on it and see how it goes. I have...
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    question about proxies, threads and multiple browsers using C#

    Hi guys, I am working on an application in C#, but I need to open maybe 10-15 or even 20 browser windows at the same time (each its own thread), each using its own proxy. As far as my research goes, I cannot tell how this is possible. I am not doing the coding myself, I have some help. From...
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    What WP theme is this, and what plugin generates the Twitter that sticks on the right

    hxxp:// Anyone know what theme this is, I thought it might be Thesis but cannot tell. Additionally, I like that follow me twitter on the right that hovers and does not move, that is a nice touch. Anyone know if that is a plugin, or part of the theme?
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    WP permissions help - new server migration

    I recently upgraded all my sites to a new server. The WP sites run fine, but some of the plugins get the following: With this same plugin, I get the following problem: I chmod those, same error warning comes up. this is just 1 of them, others have issues also. The sites...
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    The stupidity of Fiverr users

    Here is a great one, check this out - 2nd comment down The guy posts his IP address, his account username, and his password in a public forum. Now I am not suggesting anyone do anything with it, but damn, that...
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    hmm cannot figure this one out

    Usually I am pretty good at figuring out what type of blog someone is using and then what theme or template they are using, provided its not custom. Usually a bit of digging can figure it out. I just came across this one, and was impressed by the theme...
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    WP question - display a single post from a category on static page

    I have a membership website I am building which is a combo of static pages inside WP and live posts. I have setup the ability to email post updates to a specific category, which works with no issues. Additionally, I have hidden that category (email post cat) from display on the home page...
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    WP plugin question for getting pages indexed

    I have a blog with a very huge amount of comment (>50,000 pages/entries) that has built up over the last year or so. Right now only about 6500 pages are indexed in Google. I would like more pages to be indexed. While I understand to get all of them indexed is not realistic, I would like at...
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    forum links and names are always strikethrough now

    I noticed recently that almost everyones name, and most hyperlinks listed in this forum are always using strikethrough text all a sudden. Is anyone else seeing this, or is my settings messed up somehow. I am not sure when it started, seems like about a week or 2 ago.
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    Question on Scuttle sites

    I am in process of building an application and I wanted to use Onlywire API for a few things, but I see that they have limited the calls to the API to only 5 a day, making it pretty much worthless. Another alternative is a different social bookmarking API. Is there an API to post to scuttle...
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    Want to make bank - Follow this METHOD$$$

    Want your own E-Book on mastering the internet: Here it is, all layed out for you: (the key is spend 97% of the time on BS, and 3% on something that would make a user money). Following this formula, just replace CPA offer with any number of other monetization methods and you have...
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    Question for anyone successful with CPA L#$D

    I have just set up a new site to lock content using CPA L#$d, but no matter how I test it, the content NEVER unlocks. I have actually completed an offer, including entering information and it was accepted. Then I completed 5-6 different surveys, all accepted. All that happens it just...
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    Question about Cpanel account migration

    I was not sure the right forum to post this in, so I tried here. I want to move all my accounts off one server to another one that has more disk space and more memory. It is already set up, but I have a question about account migration. A few of my accounts make use of a bunch of cron...
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    Anyone got Slick Social Pro WP plugin?

    Would love to try out this plugin - Slick Social Pro. Basically, it will randomly take your posts and repost to over 50 sep social properties where you opened accounts - some bookmark, some are actual posts. Creates deep link to your site on autopilot. Sounds pretty good, did not see it...
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    ** Easier way to locate what has been shared

    I have been warned several times about sharing stuff that has already been shared. Both times I searched for the name but came up with nothing that was obvious. Part of the issue is you put in the name but 500 posts come up because they contain parts of the name. Even using the filename does...
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    Anyone use

    Just came across this site. Seems to be very similar to Digg. However, it seems unmoderated currently, meaning you can submit whatever you want to it. Literally. I have seen plenty of stuff on penis pumps and the like (as well as normal stuff) so it seems anything goes...
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    Looking for a blog tool to grab comments

    Anyone know if there is software that will automatically grab approved comments for an article on a blog, remember what blog it came from, then allow you to make a minor change (or automate the change) and then submit that comment back to the blog? I am not talking 1s-2s, im talking hundreds of...
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    Getting back links from high PR blogs to stick

    I just read a technique which I knew about before, but had forgotten about. Most of us have tools to scrape high pr blogs off of google and then try to post comments to them. I am certain this is not new, its just easy to forget some little tricks like this. Most blogs accept html code...