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  1. becks14

    Why does the text disappears after I scroll down the webpage scroll and then up

    I am not a coder at all so appreciate if anyone here could help... Just noticed a bug in my homepage. When I scroll the page and then to the top again, the content which is above the fold just suddenly goes missing. But the rest are just fine. The content there are just H1, <p> and then a...
  2. becks14

    What live chat app do you use for your website?

    Thinking about Messagebird but not sure if it's good. What do you guys use? FYI - my website is on Squarespace...
  3. becks14

    Is it a fake rating in the AggregatedRating Schema code?

    Just ran a backlink check on Ahrefs and noticed a brand mention on my company in an article of top 5 vendors in the industry. However, the rating of my company is really not decent. It's 3.5 with 370 votes (?!). The article was only published 3 days ago. And Ahrefs showed no organic traffic to...
  4. becks14

    Any recommended guides about Linkedin marketing?

    Want to start trying to do some Linkedin marketing for my business. Any recommended guide to starting with? Cheers guys :)
  5. becks14

    Cheapest hosting plan for G Suite?

    Hello I just bought a new domain that didn't come with cpanel and DNS editing. Just wondering where I can find the cheapest plan in order to sign up G Suite? The domain is not going to host any website, just for email only :) Cheers everyone
  6. becks14

    What's the max Grammarly plagiarism % you can accept

    Just checked my ordered writings at Grammarly and found that some showed ~6% similarity against other articles online. Should it be a concern? What's the max similarity % you can accept?