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  1. elitesystem

    how to moderate facebook comments in just one wordpress page?

    Hey guys, internet sometimes is not the best source to get certain info...thats where BHW gets in and kicks ass.. There are ton of people here and i bet someone has my solution. I know theres a code to insert a comment on a page. This is what I am doing, I need to insert fb comments on a...
  2. elitesystem

    Need a Thesis for my Pursuasive public speaking on why you should start your own business

    Hey guys, The title says it all. :) this is important and the deadline is in 24 hours. The professor aint happy with whatever i suggested. Whatever it is, I am assuming that you guys can help me out with your 2 cents :) The topic is: you should start your own business (persuasive so no...
  3. elitesystem

    Need some Marketing Brand/Company Name Ideas [urgent]

    hey guys, Dont want to make this long; i plan on registering a LLC and I am looking for a great name. Its a company that provides marketing services to clients.. I am looking for an insane, kick-ass, crazy, whatever you call it, just give me a sweet name. :D i just want it to end with...
  4. elitesystem

    Facebook trademark quetsion!

    Hey guys, I am not sure if someone asked this before but I just want to get clarified so here it is. Would i face legal problems if I have "facebook" word in my domain. something like "talkfacebook dot com" etc.. I do not want to start a social networking site but what if I want to setup a...
  5. elitesystem

    Trading Facebook Fans & Invites - Hit Me Up

    Hey guys, i have some new pages and i would love to trade invites. I hope this thread becomes sticky :D . I have a few accounts and friends who would love to trade invites. If you are up for it then shoot me a pm. You can also post here in order to trade with other members :D.. Feel free...