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    wanna know YT secrets? ask me. i have almost all the tricks decoded !

    I need help with someone decoding something on YouTube. It's a big problem that no one knows about almost a secret. What's the best way to contact you privately?
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    YouTube CTR bot.

    Hang on a minute. I think i've been having this issue. I used to sent a ton of CTR on YouTube and rank. But as of recently i've been getting negative impressions that tank my video's CTR coming from suggested videos and browse features.
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    Someone is sending ad views to my YT video?

    Hey could I DM you privately about something? It won't let me DM you because it says "This member limits who may view their full profile." when I visit your profile.
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    Is This HR youtube Views ?

    What do you mean by "uHR" views? I know "HR" normally means high retention, but not sure what you mean by the "u"?
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    Rank Video and Boost CTR with Keyword Search Views?

    Could you PM me as well? Apart from emberpanel? Would help a lot :)