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  1. john kennedy

    Need smm panel with insta Phillipines followers

    Does anybody know any smm panel that provides Filipino instagram followers
  2. john kennedy

    scammer scammed me for $150 need help

    Scammer contacted me on my insta theme page to buy my page at $150 and paid me through paypal then charged back the money and paypal took buyers side as usuall So my concern there anyway to get back my account he didn't changed the name of account and he took oge also Once I have seen...
  3. john kennedy

    smm panel owner ( SMMnet)scammed me

    Recently registered on his(@SMMnet ) site smm(dot)net and got the trial funds then I've decided to add $5-6 to the panel to try some other services of their website Then I've added $5 to the panel they told it will be added in 1hr and it's almost 10 days my funds are not added into the site I...
  4. john kennedy

    1200 following per day in follow 4 follow method

    actually iam into the instagram game for 5-6 months now. And I've grown many accounts organically and sell them and I offer growth service too and then I thought to scale my insta buisness and planned to hire a freelancer then I was referred to a freelancer who offers instagram growth...
  5. john kennedy

    one most important and basic question of Instagram

    What if we r DMing to instagram users to buy shoutouts on our page and we are mentioning price and payment methods and much more with our main account will Instagram detect it and shadowban our account
  6. john kennedy

    help me out in RDP buying

    I don't know am I opening the thread in correct section or not if not forgive me Actually iam planning to buy RDP to run social media automation bots So my questions are 1) what are the specifications we should look while buying rdps 2) what should be ideal speed 3) who is best seller here...
  7. john kennedy

    which payment gateway do you love and use more

    Recently I got my first client and he wants to pay me through paypal but as we all know paypal is very big fucker in terms of extra charges So my question is which payment gateway do you use most for international transactions which has very low transaction fee, currency conversion fee etc etc.
  8. john kennedy

    instagram experts plss help me

    Hiii I want to grow instagram pages of hot babes, yoga babes and nature and more accounts that are related to girls Because I have adult and yoga telegram groups were I will promote my Instagram handles and will use bhw methods to grow instagram But my problem is I don't know from where to get...
  9. john kennedy

    Get any Shutterstock images for free (hq images)

    As a blogger and youtuber we need too many (hq)images and videos which is very difficult to get for free In this thread iam going to share you a website which offers any Shutterstock images for free With this thread I'm taking some sort of revenge :Don shutterstock as they gave copyright...
  10. john kennedy

    This is my first thread and iam very much excited

    I've been reading posts in bhw for a while now and learnt a lot from you guys ❤️❤️ And now it's my turn to tell you amazing things that I got to know from other platforms I will be sharing that with u And I will be asking many many questions to so that I can become master in whatever iam doing