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  1. tonyy

    Yahoo site explorer cesed of exist

    Well today yahoo site explorer said goodbye, as statemented here: I do not use yahoo site explorer, i prefer to use "htt://" or "href="" queries over google to gather backlinks...
  2. tonyy

    Several autoblogs

    Well i have some autoblogs, this weekend i decided to develop a bot to create 300 autoblogs in subdomains but i am not sure if my hosting can support it, i want to buy 10 domains with 300 autoblogs each = 3,000 autoblogs, any idea of how do i have to manage hosting? thanks in advance :)
  3. tonyy

    Tweetattacks account creator is a worthless shit!

    I am so upset with that software, i've been doing wait & reply with around 1000's of accounts created with TAAC and guess what: any visitors!!! I decided to change the approach so i wrote down a business plan for reputable accounts, bought 30 proxies and a lot of names (not all) with the...
  4. tonyy

    My crazy SEO idea

    Well i want to reach #1 spot in google for a middle comp keyword, i made a 300 words landing page and i am working right now in a bot that will post tens of posts like this per day: All of them of the lenght i want (around 1000 words) and a keyword presence of ~2%. The idea here is to rank...
  5. tonyy

    I want to run my vps from my phone: Android vs iPhone 4

    Well i have a VPS with Scrapebox, Tweetattacks, Tweetattacks AC, Senuke and Ubot Studio. I spend a lot of time in college so i want to run my VPS directly from my phone so i can set my settings between classes. I want tu buy a moto droid X or an iPhone 4, my main goal is to manipulate my VPS...
  6. tonyy

    My super spun article for panda

    Well guys i made one original article. Then i rewrite it two times. Then i rewrite every line of each article two times. Then i will hire someone to spin it at word and phrase level with too many synonyms. Soon i will have a well spun article, readable for humans and pretty unique. Why i did...
  7. tonyy

    Multiple domains with a different c-class IP for every one?

    Well guys i want to start a high level link-wheel I will make it with web 2.0 properties, blog comments, forum profiles and articles pointing to different websites each one with a different IP (different at a c-class level, not b -class level). And all the websites pointing to my moneysite...
  8. tonyy

    Google keyword tool does not show exact matches! Am i the only one?

    Well guys i tried everything but my google keyword tool doesn't show exact searches, i try both in my VPS and in my home and nothing. I search usin brackets ([]), what can i do? i really don't know what to do since google it doesn't help and i dont even know if i am the only one.
  9. tonyy

    Google will launch his +1 button TOMORROW

    Yeah it's here, you can read the full note here: If you don't know what +1 button is all about, check this video out:
  10. tonyy

    Where to get top 200 in google for a certain keyword?

    I owe SB and i want to get the top 200 websites in google search results for several keywords in order to try to comment in their backlinks :) Do you know a good page/tool? i mean where i can input the keyword and instantly i can see the top 200. I've googled it but i can't find anything like...
  11. tonyy

    One of my URLs got de-indexed

    Finally after months of research and experiment with autoblogs/crappy sites i decided to start a serious project, i made up a plan but... well guys i have a big problem with my site: After a keyword research (one base keyword - paste it in google adwords keyword tool - search for keywords and...
  12. tonyy

    Hide certain links in an autoblog post

    Well all the rss feed i gathered for an autoblog in mexican market include something like in every post so i need to hide them. Do you know any way i could do it?
  13. tonyy

    non-american selling a virtual service to america: Legal?

    Well im going to start selling a website service to american people. I will also be promoting my self-business trough phone calls/email and stuff. I wanted to know if it is ilegal in USA to me doing it. what do you think? The price of the service of 3 figures/month and a recurrent fee of 3...
  14. tonyy

    How to monetize mexican autoblogs?

    Well recently i made a couple of autoblogs with thesis theme in some good niches. I've getting around 300 twitter fans, 1000 fb fans and some traffic from google and decided to find a way of put ads/sell products for leave it totally afk and enojoy a couple of dollars dialy per autoblog. What...
  15. tonyy

    Ideas about SEO

    Well recently i started a blog in a nice niche, eventough idk anything about the topic i rewrite articles, well i insert 1 keyword per article in the blog but i have a doubt about get high rank in google. My plan: -Include 1 keyword per article(more?) -Basic SEO (title...
  16. tonyy

    My first salespage

    Well after a couple of months investigating all i could about SEO, SEM, keywords, etc. i finally decided to make my first sales page. I made the keyword research, bought the domain + hosting and decided what to do to SEO it (a lot of articles in social media sites, wikis, hubs, microblogs...