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  1. rap8557

    WOW so Paypal really steals money

    So after 180 days when paypal permanently limited my account i was expecting i can still withdraw the money and to find out that they paid themselves?!!!
  2. rap8557

    [Giveaway] 1000 Organic Website Traffic from

    Hello, Early Christmas is here!!! Another giveaways!.. Just post or pm your link You can use to track the result.
  3. rap8557

    Java,Php, Curl not sure what code is this need help

    Hello guys, I need help, i'm not really a coder but i just analyse and copy codes from the previous services that was added on my panel. I was trying to add tiktok follower services on my panel and i tried to copy the codes from other services that i have. The valid format should be like this...
  4. rap8557

    Never ending soccer match FIFA 2020

    Let's all take a break and watch this awesome soccer match! :)
  5. rap8557

    Ten Thousand maybe more will be affected by the Corona Virus in the next few days

    Now that i get you attention. Just found this on fb and i want it to share it you guys. BTW the title is from the lyrics of the the song. :P
  6. rap8557

    How to display random text at random time automatically

    So im trying to add a random pop up text automatically after random time without reloading a page, <p class="custom-notification-content"> Someone from <script>var Country = ['Edmonton, Canada', 'California, United States', 'New Jersey, United States','Birmingham, United...
  7. rap8557

    I need a web coder

    I need a web coder for upgrades/feature of my website and debugging some errors on it. It would be a long term but will pay only per upgrade basis so the coder should know how much he/she will price the upgrades/feature i needed. Requirements: Should have knowledge about HTML/PHP/MySQL, basic...
  8. rap8557

    [Giveaway] Free 100 Instagram Followers (Early Christmas Gift)

    Hello Guys, Same rules like my other giveaway Rules of this Giveaway: - Must have at least 80 quality posts - Send a PM titled "Free 100 Instagram Followers (Early Christmas Gift)" with the full Instagram profile URL - 1 Profile only per member What you will get: - 100 Instagram Followers...
  9. rap8557

    [Giveaway] Free Youtube HR Views (Early Christmas Gift)

    Hello Guys, Here we go again, the “ber” months have started! Are you as excited as I am? :) I always look forward to the Christmas season – holiday, family and friends get together, parties here and there. With this, “ber” months also allow us to giveback to this awesome community. Rules of...
  10. rap8557

    [JV] I need a web developer/designer from Philippines

    Hi! I need a web developer designer from Philippines. This is a long term project, as long as the website is making money. We will create a services site with a twist. ;) So there will be Api included and payment processors. We will split 80% (mine) 20% (yours) 70% mine coz i will cover all...
  11. rap8557

    Instant Ranking Still Works after the big youtube update using old formula

    After the huge youtube update a lot of folks/youtuber lost their faith many also doubt that nothing work on youtube anymore. I read a lot of threads here lately asking/ranting they can't rank their videos anymore. Don't give up yet as my formula which i used last 2017 still works for me. So...
  12. rap8557

    Looking for Web Coder/Dev for Social Media Locker

    Hi! I need the Web Coder/Developer that can make me a Social Media Locker. The users will be landed on the page and after that the user must Like our Facebook page then Facebook Share it before the freebies will be given. So it is a 2 steps locker I don't want wordpress or any other web 2.0...
  13. rap8557

    Bot coder needed Yt scraper

    Hi! I need a coder that will scraper all youtube video links, titles and description of a specific youtube channel and can save them into excel sheet. So if a channel has 5000 videos i want to scrape them all. My budget for this is $20
  14. rap8557

    [SMG] Cheap SoundCloud Followers @$1/100, likes, plays, comments - OMG This is Bananas!

    Question & Answer: Is this the old Viewsmonkey that's just reopened again? - Nope! I just bought the domain from the previous owner, coz i know that there's a lot of banana loving users that want this service back and i've decided to combine these two powerfull websites into one awesome garden...
  15. rap8557

    [HOT] Turn your Instagram Follower into Money!

  16. rap8557

    Marketplace create thread error problem

    Hi! Sir/mam I'd like to report an error on the marketplace when creating a new thread. I've already talked to apricot about this for about 2-3 weeks now but still this error is not fixed and he/she is not answering anymore. The error im talking about is where you add imgur/ imageshack image on...
  17. rap8557

    I'm looking for cheap pop up real traffic

    Hi guys! I know TV, LD,MT and 50onred is the best for pop up traffic but they have huge min deposit and i'm just going to try my landing page. Anyone knows what networks/site that the min deposit is between $50-100, can target Website links and the most important is if the visitors are 100%...
  18. rap8557

    [BETA TESTERS] Instagram Shoutout Marketplace

    Welcome to Shoutsmarket Beta Note: If you are interested, post in this thread or shoot me a PM. I am looking for reliable Beta testers for a new Instagram shoutout marketplace site. I am trying to establish a new and better way for people to buy and sell Instagram (later additional websites)...
  19. rap8557

    [Unique Method] How i made $200-600/day steady using Youtube annotation

    Hi guys! It's been a long time i haven't posted a method here on bhw. I've been busy managing my sales thread and New youtube project. Anyway i'm not here to promote my social media services, im here to give back once again to this great community coz without bhw & it's member i'm nothing. :)...
  20. rap8557

    [SMG] ⚡Fast Delivery⚡|Cheap Prices| Quality SMM Services with over 6000+ Satisfied Clients