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  1. annabelle_

    What is this tool called?

    Hi, I've seen a lot of people use it to track google rank. Is it yandex metrika or something?
  2. annabelle_

    Adsterra sucks, for real

    I started using Adsterra a couple of days ago. First I saw some positive reviews, and there were also people who said it had malware redirects. I still decided to try it out for myself. Yes, Adsterra might pay a bit better but it's really NOT worth it. Just a day after placing BANNER ads, I got...
  3. annabelle_

    Recommend me a good SEO service

    I don't know if this is the right thread, but here it is. Of course, I'm looking for someone with reviews that are decent at least. Do you guys have anyone in mind?
  4. annabelle_

    Has anyone had any experience with "Automatic Backlinks" ?

    I saw them on porndude. They claim to provide free quality backlinks. for free
  5. annabelle_

    Needing some help urgent!

    Hello, I have a site which runs on a VPS and I have cpanel as my control panel. The problem is, I need to upload a file to a subfolder under a domain root. How do I do that? I tried to use cpanel file manager but everything just goes to the /home/user directory. I guess I need the files to be...
  6. annabelle_

    Any recommendation for adult video hosting?

    P.S. I don't have the budget yet for dedicated servers. I am just starting. So is there a good alternative? Thanks!
  7. annabelle_

    Question about domain backlink profile

    I found an expired domain with around 500 backlinks that don't seem like spam links. Most of these links don't point to the homepage, but to some other page within the site that has been active on that domain. When I make my own site, what will happen to those links? Will it have a bad SEO...
  8. annabelle_

    New or used domain?

    Hello BHW. I was thinking of buying a domain for my website, and I found some suitable ones, but they have been used in the past. I'mt afraid if I get one of those I might have trouble ranking, because I don't know if they had been penalised in the past. What would you do?
  9. annabelle_

    What is video hosting?

    I'm trying to figure out how to run my own tube site, and I thought I might need a place to host my videos. Should I get another VPS, just storage optimised? Can a site run on two VPS? Should I get a streaming server (and what the heck is that)? Can someone clarify video hosting to me?