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    Which tools allow me to see what the competitors are doing?

    Hi guys, I'm planning to start a store selling shishas which cannot be advertised using Google or Facebook ads. Therefore, I'd like to see where competitors in the space are getting traffic from. I do already have some ideas on how they do it but I'd like to confirm this. Are there any tools...
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    Which blockchain projects will be most influential for digital marketing?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if any of you know some good blockchain projects that aim at optimizing SEO and running social ads. Thanks!
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    What is the best way to start a agency?

    Hello all, I'm considering starting my own digital marketing agency, I'm experienced in Facebook ads and Google ads plus e-mail marketing. I'd like to use these skills to build something of my own - however, where do I start? And which pitfalls should I think about? Hope some here can give...
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    How to write a supplier when you have no business yet on Alibaba?

    Hello guys, I'm planning to start a business together with a friend, we do already have a product in mind, however, as we don't have a business yet we cannot negotiate and be of importance to the supplier. Does anyone have experience with this kind of problem and knows how to deal with it...
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    [HELP] Google Job Interview - Online Ads Consultant

    Hi all, I have an interview soon with Google about role-related knowledge and have a few sample questions that I find hard to answer - I would appreciate some input on these. Q1) Imagine that you work for Google, how would you motivate your customer to commit to a joint business plan...
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    [ADVICE] Job offer PPC what to do?

    Hello all, I work as digital marketer in the UK since September at the same company I did my internship. My role involves reporting, setting up ads, assisting distributor with web and social activities. Predominantly, Facebook ads. I've received a job offer at another international company as...
  7. impact_com

    [HELP] Google has suspended my ad account due to circumventing their systems...

    Hello all, I've been reading through a couple of threads on r/adwords about the ''circumventing systems'' violation. However, I'm still utterly clueless about what I have done wrong as I read in many of the conversations here. The account is about 3-4 weeks old and I'm running only shopping...
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    Which WordPress plugin to monitor my costs/revenue with WooCommerce

    Hi all, Not sure if it is possible but I'm looking for a solution to see what my actual profit is from my dropship store and the spend from Google ads. Is there any plugin that is able to add this all into one report? Cheers!
  9. impact_com

    How do you promote a general store?

    Hi guys, I'm using a tool called social rabbit which has a couple of features to post/like on autopilot but I feel it makes my store look spammy. Just wondering how you guys promote your store with organic social posts? Cheers!
  10. impact_com

    [HELP] Question about Google shopping ads

    Hi all, Question about Google shopping ads. I have a general store with about 40-50 products set my bid strategy to maximise clicks at €0.30 - started at 25 March. So far I have 9.51K Impressions with 51 clicks, CTR 0.53% CTR is not high in comparison to the impressions, but still had some...
  11. impact_com

    Google Shopping ads - remarketing

    Hi guys, I've started a general dropshipping store with fast shipping times in the US. I'm driving traffic through Google Shopping ads and have had some clicks and a relatively high amount of impressions. I've been monitoring through Hotjar and see that some people are for quite a bit of time...
  12. impact_com

    Price prediction UTK

    Hi guys, I want to buy UTK, just wondering if I should wait. Any predictions on the price? Cheers!
  13. impact_com

    How is blockchain tech going to influence digital marketing activities?

    Hi guys, As a digital marketer, I'm very interested in how blockchain technology is going to influence digital marketing activities? I'm looking to learn some more about this and do some research on some potential projects. Cheers!
  14. impact_com

    Need advice, how do I convince my boss to move to Shopify?

    Hi guys, I am working at a company as a digital marketer, we are in the process of creating a new website which is made using WordPress, WooCommerce and Elementor. However, I have the feeling that the developers my boss hired are very bad, we face lots of issues as the other territories like...
  15. impact_com

    Is it possible for Facebook to block a new add account based on IP or payment details?

    Hi guys, Unfortunately, our main ad account was blocked due to so called violation of lead policy. However, we started using a IDLE account requesting only email details and again the account got blocked. I feel like it could be due to the payment details or my IP as I tried making a new...
  16. impact_com

    Has anyone here experience setting up ETH nodes?

    Hi guys, Anyone here experience setting up ETH nodes? I have some questions.
  17. impact_com

    Help accidently transferred ETH to a recent address using my metamask wallet

    Hi guys, Hope someone can help me. I transferred money to a recent address in my metamask wallet but I never transfer money to other people using metamask so I don't know how the address got there. Hope someone can help me to see which address this might be: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash)...
  18. impact_com

    Which WordPress them for a digital marketing agency?

    Hi guys, Which theme would you guys recommend for a digital marketing agency? I've bought SEOfy from @Festinger, unfortunately, it doesn't work without a licence key. Any other good ones? Cheers!
  19. impact_com

    Starting a digital marketing agency need some advice

    Hello all, I have the idea to start a marketing agency together with a friend. I'm very good at specifically Facebook and email marketing ad and my friend know a lot about Amazon, Google and Bing ads. Just wondering how realistic this idea is, I speak Dutch, English and he Spanish we were...
  20. impact_com

    Which portfolio tracker do you use?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering which portfolio tracker I can use as I lost track of some transactions. Is there anything to which I can connect my wallet so it shows the portfolio?