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    Professional SEO Services - Updated For Penguin - Let Us Do All the Work

    Just submitted a 10 KY order John - the PP email and my personal email don't match on this one - but you can reach out to me on the personal email I listed. Thanks for your good work - Rich
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    tips and tricks

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    What auto comment poster do you use?

    OP: nice avatar...
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    Best payment processor for $100,000+ a month

    How many chargebacks are you getting hit with? Probably north of 2% of your "refund rate" is 1.5%. That may be what's causing your problems. I have a company doing $300-$500k/mo in revenues all through merchant accounts. Hit me up if you want some names.
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    MUST HAVE programs for offliners?

    CA - same for me too please...
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    Professional SEO Services - Updated For Penguin - Let Us Do All the Work

    I wanted to chime in and say that John's performance on the sites we've used him for has been fantastic. I highly recommend his services to all. John - quick question for you on a new site I'm going to be sending your way: are you incorporating the naked/brand/generic links and phrases in...
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    $150/day Thanks To Micro Niche Sites

    Pics or it didn't happen...
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    Got a 20 Million Opt In List from an Email Marketing Company

    Either the "friendly" rep should be fired or he/she is lying to you...either way, a good mailer will find out quick what that list is made of (you won't find many around here though they were ran out a few years back).
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    Earn while you learn

    Hey Oxen, I'm in if you are still looking. I'm very comfortable w/WP. PM me for my Skype if you want to chat. Rich
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    JV - CPA Method to generate XX,XXX daily

    Shoot me a PM with details OP...
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    Confirmed: Social Network Lawyers Assigned to Monitor BHW

    You need to work on your jokes and apologize to your dad...
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    Confirmed: Social Network Lawyers Assigned to Monitor BHW

    That's a great generalization there sparky. All lawyers screw people. I'm a lawyer. I must screw people. How about this - all BHW members who joined in Feb 2012 are douche bags. The fact is there are good and bad people in any industry, including IM and even the law (gasp!) Wait until you...
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    Companies that Pay for articles

    Look at the post just above you...especially textbroker
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    Google Penguin Creates Mass Unemployment in India

    My BS detector starting blaring as soon as I read the article (and saw that pic included with it)... Doesn't this pic look "familiar" (from a 2008 news article): Source: (see image #31) The OP's article is what's known as "link...
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    What Is The Number 1 Toughest Niche To Get Into ?

    You may find this helpful: (source -
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    Wanna know how much a good idea is worth? FB just bought Instagram for $1,000,000,000!

    Instagram is easily monetize-able and helps FB get a "cool" factor they've struggled to obtain on their own. The price may be a bit steep but it is still a decent purchase IMO.
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    The Most Lifechanging Book You've Ever Read?

    The Book of Mormon No, I'm not kidding.
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    S Corps are Amazing! Gonna Git Me One..

    Anyone can do fundraising, corporation or not. I hope your friend isn't telling people they get some type of tax deduction if they contribute to your fund raising efforts. You're right about the time and cost for a 501(c)(3) designation. Why do you need to wait 5 years for an IPO? FYI - most...