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  1. magicjones

    Free Backlink - RMS Support Letter

    Here ya go, show some support too. Name and URL:
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    Amazon Affiliate reductions begin today OMG and it's bad!

    Here it is, great rates right? What normally would be a 50-100 dollar day for me is not even 12 dollars now.
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    Pro tip: You don't have to put "Amazon Affiliate Disclosure" at the footer of your blog

    Sites with Amazon Affiliate Disclosure on the footer look like ad spam in the eyes of a smart consumer. Obviously the information is not very trustworthy once you realize it's just affiliate content. I have seen it said many times in various forums when these webpages are linked. You don't have...
  4. magicjones

    Some of you guys really need to write better it's sad

    I see so many of you work so hard on ranking websites filled with unreadable garbage. It's gotten so bad recently that when I search for things now I have to specify the website I want to not get bombarded with sketchy affiliate blog spam. It's basically trolling at this point, throwing up...
  5. magicjones

    How many people here are dominating the serps?

    How's ur SEO going this year?
  6. magicjones

    Favorite free fonts

    It's time for me to find some new free fonts for marketing. Ooh yeah. There's so many out there. What are your favorites?
  7. magicjones

    Weirdest website you have seen?

    Very trippy website I like (best viewed on desktop) Cool weirdness and unique web design. Any weird sites you like?
  8. magicjones

    Rubbish domain auctions lately

    Seems like every auction site is selling trash for the past few months. Lots of spammed out junk domains and the few good domains instantly go up to the thousands of dollars price range. Anybody else seeing this or is it just in my head? Last year I got a bunch for good low price, this year the...
  9. magicjones

    [email protected] is a backlink?

    Something on my mind...Do you think email addresses are counted as backlinks in some way? Like a soft brand mention or social signal type thing? I know I don't see the email links in the Google search console or research tools so not directly benefit but I wonder if they count for anything? Why...
  10. magicjones

    Old owners of domain complaining - what do to?

    So I just paid some big bucks for an strong expired domain thru G-daddy auctions and built a kind of copy cat site of the old one (but not the exact same for copyright reasons). I copied the URL structure, rewrote the content, and was careful to only use free images. The only strange thing may...
  11. magicjones

    Best support team in hosting?

    I'm running a niche site on a "mainstream" VPS hosting company and their support team has gone downhill fast. I'm real tired of outsourced support agents who can't answer a question straight. Would anyone recommend a knowledgeable, helpful VPS hosting company?
  12. magicjones

    Do email links give link juice? ([email protected])

    Because many profile sites nofollow your website but your email does not have that nofollow tag.
  13. magicjones

    Is my computer fast enough for money generator?

    I will upgrade soon now that I am plus 100 post count... very happy to get this paypal money generator $$$ how is my computer fast enough for the big profits??
  14. magicjones

    NospacesinURL - what to do?

    Hi Everyone, I'm rebuilding a site that had all the URL slugs like this: /howtobakeacake.html I changed it to WordPress so now it's: /howtobakeacake I did all the 301 redirects from .html pages to the new But now I'm questioning... should I structure the URLs better now like...
  15. magicjones

    Where to start designing SEO seller graphics?

    Awesome graphics for the SEO packages in the marketplace, I've never made such an image but would like to learn. Photoshop or another program is good? Templates or you make it yourself? Any more tips for getting started? Thx
  16. magicjones

    Contacting the previous owners of a domain I won in auction?

    I won a domain thru auction and it was a pretty nice resource for my niche. All I want is one link on it anyways, would it be wrong to contact the previous owner and ask about restoring the website? The previous owner has their email listed on Facebook and I'm sitting here with an email written...
  17. magicjones

    Safe to Use Gmail for SEO reports?

    Does anyone believe that using Gmail for SEO services eg link reports can bust your PBNs or is this just conspiracy theory?
  18. magicjones

    Can't figure out this link injection

    My competitor has dominated the niche with tons of backlinks from URLs that look like this There are over 50 of these, I'm assuming injected, listing pages on high ranking legitimate business websites...