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  1. ArnoldMC77

    Elon Musk Is VERY Close To Walking Away From Twitter Deal!

    I think he will still buy twitter but renegotiate the price. He offered over 50 per share and it is well below that now.
  2. ArnoldMC77

    $5000 to invest

    I would hold as much in cash as possible and start learning python. You can take some courses free at code academy. Others are paid. Someone else said, blockchain, that is also very profitable. However, I do want to stress we may be heading into a recession and holding as much in cash is prudent.
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    I was given a review copy from Stan. I have seen his work in the past and it has always been quality. The metrics were great and the content was fantastic. I have already ordered his services but plan to order more in the future. If you are looking for quality (not spammy), you can use these...
  4. ArnoldMC77

    BTC to 20k or 60k? Read this! Maybe the best analys so far

    Solid technical analysis. Totally agree. I think we are going into a crypto winter as the fed continues to increase interest rates. However, the real GDP was down last quarter, in my opinion it will be down another quarter, which can means a recession. This is going to be tough for the fed to...
  5. ArnoldMC77

    Did anyone have success with gsa seo tool?

    I have had some good experiences with it but only one T2+ with fresh lists. Like with anything else, your results are based on how you use it and how much effort you put in.
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    ❌ SAY BYE BYE TO YOUR COMPETITORS ⭐️ Crowdo Foundation Package ✅ Paid Resources Included ✅From $1.6/Link! ▶️

    I received my review copy and I have to say I am impressed with the quality as well as the diversity. I got the foundational package. It was delivered through Google Docs, which is the only thing I did not like (I just don't like using Google Docs It doesn't have anything to do with Crowdo...
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    I discovered how algorithm work

    That was a quality post. Good stuff
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    Good stuff. I have to watch that. I haven't streamed netflix in over a month. Waiting for the new ozarks.
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    3 Letter Domain Advise

    Research them in AHEFS, Semrush, ext.. Also, make sure they don't have penalties.
  10. ArnoldMC77

    What cryptocurrency you are holding

    Still holding BTC, ETH, SOL, MANA, and a still have some SHIB. ADA is looking interesting
  11. ArnoldMC77

    Best Cloaking service

    I found one. thank you though.
  12. ArnoldMC77

    How to choose crypto exchange

    If you are new to crypto, I would stay away from Binance even though it has a larger selection of coins. Coinbase is good for new users and has an advanced (level 2) interface. If you can work with a more advanced trading platform, binance is great.
  13. ArnoldMC77

    What Is The Best Alternative To Indexification

    Im not looking to directly index my moneysites, I am looking for the best indexer that intergrates with rankerx, gsa, and xrummer
  14. ArnoldMC77

    What Is The Best Alternative To Indexification

    I was using indexification but stopped a while ago. I am looking for something stronger. Any suggestions?
  15. ArnoldMC77

    what tool do you use for keyword research?

    semrush, seosurfer, and google trends.
  16. ArnoldMC77

    Trustpilot Review

    Hi, I saw this thread and am interested in trust pilot reviews. If any of you still provide reviews, can you please send me the details?
  17. ArnoldMC77

    Recommend TV Show

    Check out the new Tommy Lee Pam Anderson movie on hulu