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  1. randomstrings

    I lost 10 dollar in pancake swap prediction game

    So, those who know pks has some bnb prediction game, i put appx 10 usd to predict and i actually won, but when i went to withdraw i was having low gas fee so i left the winning and moved to new task, After 5 hour i opened the bnb and those fukers converted my victory to lose and support claims...
  2. randomstrings

    As an SEO blackhatter, what are worst and best corporation as per you?

    For me Microsoft are best corporation, like they actually allowed free copies of their softwares to be downloaded from their own site,and even if you torrent it and they caught you, you will only get a not genuine window or office message and you get to do your basic work or even advance too...
  3. randomstrings

    Sending image in PM

    Sometimes its necessary to send some screenshots or so in PM and honestly i didn't see any option of doing so, what i do just upload image on some site and share the links. Atleast allow jr vip to directly share image.
  4. randomstrings

    Binance suks

    I have transferred my crypto from other exchange to binanace in order to withdraw using p2p function, now they have put 24 hour restriction on withdrawal, as its some anti fraud measure from them. Did anyone eleae faced same or i am special scammer for them.
  5. randomstrings

    How to report crypto earning in India?

    Hi, Recently i started to accepting crypto. All funds received are in some foreign wallet not having any legal requirements in india, My problem is, i want to get that money in my bank account and for this i have to transfer the same to some indian exchange, While i have no problem in paying...
  6. randomstrings

    Token I am holding is about to be listed at binance, what i can expect

    Disclaimer: I am not shilling anything, I will not name that token, if mods want to see the proof of ownership i can share my screenshot. I got this token in may 2021, bought that in mistake thinking is a doge, and i didn't noticed et all about that token, recently i read on twitter its going...
  7. randomstrings

    Hyperlinking option is disbaled

    Does anyone also facing same issues, i can paste link, but can't add link to text using hyper link option.
  8. randomstrings

    Can i call different browser api in webview in Android app?

    When using webview, its always going through chrome browser api, what I want is to call webview via brave browser api, my motivation is to make a ad free app version of "MY WEBSITE" for paid users. Does anybody knows?
  9. randomstrings

    [please dont delete] Did you thought BHW be a hacking forum before you joined here?

    Hi, hope i am not asking any forbidden question. Did any of you thought that BHW is some hacking forum for website growth like SQL injection or some serious shits, before joining here, like outer world still sees us as notorious hackers.
  10. randomstrings

    Someone has gamed Google with .edu profile link

    Last night I was searching for spider man no way home torrent for educational purposes, and to my surprise, first result is and .edu profile with link to movie. This again proves the power of edu links, although i see no option to make profile on site, someone shed some light
  11. randomstrings

    Kid channel with ppt converted to video getting millions of view,how?

    Last night, my neice was watching some shitty yt video on a for Apple b for b boy, and i noticed these video have like million of view and it was a low effort video, mainly a ppt converted into the video. My question is how much money they may be making, this seems like easy money.
  12. randomstrings

    Biance is giving away free shiba inu

    I have claimed mine, you just need to regaiter new account and complete kyc, all countries accepted. Below is offer link, i have invested my gift in biance apy program. Hopefully one day shiba will soar i will have some free money...
  13. randomstrings

    Ads blocked on brave browser even after disabling ad blocking

    Hi, I dont know if anyone else noticed or not, but on brave browser even after disabling adguard ads are still not showing, i honestly wants to support bhw by enabling ads, but dont want to use chrome ☺
  14. randomstrings

    Why shiba holder are positive for reaching 1usd?

    It has supply in multi trillion, logically its not possible for shiba have 1usd with this supply, or this is just a major scam with backing from big names. Every shib holder is having almost millions in qty, this will turn this world and economy upside down. Or they are planning something...
  15. randomstrings

    Ideas for ig account?

    Just now i have got hold of my old girl profile account which i made during my school days and was using to send some clicks to my adsense account. (Golden days) Now it has like 300 followers left, i have made the account private and mentioned in bio follow me to see my video. I am planning...
  16. randomstrings

    Reditt is crazy

    I posted a cop chasing thugs video and i have like 8000 upvote and 8k karma from one post. Now thinking to post same video to my yt channel by naming it full video, will see if reditt crowds goes to yt as well.
  17. randomstrings

    Does going with hostkola can hurt my ranking?

    I am planning to two main websites to hk as its recommended as very cheap by many, but i assume not sure many pbn must have been hosted there and is there any chance i might end up neighboring a bad websites.
  18. randomstrings

    Trying to sell my unused domain on flippa, what i need to follow?

    I have an old account at flippa, never used though, i am thinking to sell one domain name which has no metric but is catchy enough for e-commerce website, what precautions i have to take, i am not thinking to make thousands but still.
  19. randomstrings

    Found a decade old lenovo b450 in store room, its still working

    Was deep cleaning my house and found a decade old lenovo b450 in store room. Its battery is dead but working fine with charger, intially i was hoping to see some bitcoins in it which i mined back in 2011, but then i realized all were stored in mtgox exchange and was gone overnight. Just...
  20. randomstrings

    Web 3.0 is not like web2.0, why call it web3.0?

    Like web2 is like social bookmark and wiki links and all, while web3.0 is blcokchain, why calling it web3.0, any idea?