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  1. ATuringtest

    Google local business need some advice going from rank 9 to rank one

    So I set up a friend's google local business only about 5 days ago, who's doing the man and van thingy as a favour. Quite stiff competition locally but so far I've got him to 9th on man and van and 2nd on man and van plus his local town. Have you any tips on pushing it to no 1 ?
  2. ATuringtest

    Has anyone used HARO ( and had success?

    I saw this on a ahrefs video about getting your first 100 good backlinks and was wondering if anyone has tried it and if so what kind of results. And if any tips for getting backlinks through it ?
  3. ATuringtest

    Grammarly Pro 12 months subscription anyone selling them ?

    Done my searching seems all the market threads are closed for Grammarly pro and my old one from the market has expired, anyone selling these subscription still?
  4. ATuringtest

    [FREE] 100+ open-source clones of popular sites like Airbnb, Amazon, Instagram, Netflix, Tiktok, Spotify, Whatsapp

    Some have full tutorials like the twitter clone. 100+ open-source clones of popular sites like Airbnb, Amazon, Instagram, Netflix, Tiktok, Spotify, Whatsapp, Youtube etc. See source code, demo links, tech stack, github stars. Link = Cone Wars Project
  5. ATuringtest

    what's the best way to start selling NFT's ?

    I need an idiot's guide to selling NFT's, do I need to pay out $200 to start selling ? I mean I don't mind if I can make the money back of course. I want to get started with some Art I'm doing, yeah I know its a gamble but so is life aint it ? lol :)
  6. ATuringtest

    Advice on starting a charity / none profit online please

    Along with a couple of colleagues I'm thinking of starting a none profit project for a charitable cause close to my heart. .org please explain the benefits/drawbacks or who would use it. Like I'm a 10 year :) This is tied to education so advice on getting a .edu would be great. Not a scam btw...
  7. ATuringtest best piss take Elon's done so far.. lol love it lmfao !
  8. ATuringtest

    My AI art, your NFT selling account.

    So I've been working on AI art, doing some AI training - tweaking training etc. The output is staring to look ok. Not into crypto, but if someone wants to sell them and split the profit, them I'm happy to JV it to see if it can make some money. Let me know. I have all the iterations of the...
  9. ATuringtest

    What would 50 X 55 to 91 DA | Doffollow | Back links be worth to a web master?

    Its in the title : What would 50 / 55 to 91 DA Doffollow Back links be worth to a web master? Rough ballpark figure. Mixture of posts , profiles etc. I'm interested in the value of things.
  10. ATuringtest

    Currency Converter Built into to Win 10 Calculator.. who new :) ???

    Just discovered it today, but for those that didn't know - Enjoy .. saves opening a web browser lol
  11. ATuringtest

    Online backlink list and tool... tested .. does work.

    Its just a list on this site, found it in a rabbit hole. I signed up and it does give you a lot of backlinks easy to click through and create links on.. No association with this dude.l
  12. ATuringtest

    Google analytics v CloudFlare stats ?

    Simple enough question, why does my cloud flare show this for the last 30 days yet Google Anal Idiots tell me I have about 1/3 of CF results ?
  13. ATuringtest

    RankMath Pro for $5 is exactly the same as paid $55 version

    Just to let you know, I have been running the full cost $55 version of rank math pro against another nearly identical WP site with @Festinger 's $5 version. Absolutely no difference in performance. Do yourself a favor and save $50 a year.
  14. ATuringtest

    A New COVID Variant Discovered In SOUTH PARK

    Cartoon are the new oracle of consensus.
  15. ATuringtest

    My free High DR Back links thread collection + Please Add +

    So far I've managed to do about 80 cherry picked high DR dofollows from this collection. 100's more in it.
  16. ATuringtest

    Bigtech have squashed the evolution of AI generated content.

    Open AI the creators of GPT-2 have moved to a pay-as-go API system. And they have put some seriously big hoops in place to access it. The main one is that they will monitor "all" content generated and will withdraw API access under a blanket rule of "spreading misinformation". So anytime your...
  17. ATuringtest

    'You're Here Under Oath, Are You Going To Answer The Questions?' Cruz Grills TikTok Executive

    This honestly made me laugh out loud at the end.. how a top executive squirmed like a caught school boy over a simple yes / no answer.
  18. ATuringtest

    Namecheap - Some of your saved passwords were exposed in a non-Google data breach

    Got this from Google this morning. Only worried about Namecheap on the list. One or more of the passwords stored in your Google Account was found in a data breach from a site or app that you use. Might want to change your passwords.